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  1. wlhd1610
  2. gregswaim
    I'm a collector of music in LP, CD/SACD, & analog tape formats. I'm not a stereophile. My hobby is music, not hifi equipment. Music First :)
  3. gregswaim
    I'm a collector of music in LP, CD/SACD, &. Music First :)
  4. Castelojr
    Hello! Everything cool? I'm recovering a SL-1100 and I need the Technics SH-11L1 STROBO ILLUMINATOR, would anyone have one to sell? THANKS!
  5. TubesGalore
    I looked that deck up on classic cassette site.Appears to be a good deck with a few features beyond a basic deck. Asking price?
  6. Ben0680
    Ben0680 HVHiFI
    Still have any of the mission m7c2 center speakers left for sale that you posted about a year ago?
  7. petemcfc
    petemcfc DaveVoorhis
    Thought so.
    Was you that brat of a child that ran around a parties with a pin popping balloons full of hot air?
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  8. petemcfc
    petemcfc DaveVoorhis
    Do you take great pleasure in frying peoples small minds?
    Enjoying your posts.
    Bravo Sir.
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    2. DaveVoorhis
      Thanks! And, yes, I do take great pleasure in frying people's small minds.
      Jan 19, 2018 at 10:56 AM
  9. Ed Torres
    Ed Torres wlhd1610
    Bob, I have a Marantz 3300 that needs some attention, Would you send me a PM with your info. Thanks
  10. BattleBrat
    BattleBrat rickknight
    Hello rickknight, I noticed you posted about JBL Control Micro speakers, do you still have the JBL Control SB Micro subwoofer?
  11. johnebravo
    johnebravo Tom Brennan
    I have to say: excellent avatar photo -- Parker and the young Red Rodney listening to Gillespie, reflected in the glass.
    1. Tom Brennan
      Tom Brennan
      Thanks. You’re hep, Johne.
      Jan 19, 2018 at 9:44 AM
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  12. altops
    Own avid 103's. JBL 4311wx-a's. Sansui's SP3500s. Mirage M460's. JBL ND310's. Technics SB-500XA's. They all play well.
  13. VintEDge
    VintEDge Catmanboo
    Catmanboo, I have a BIC T3 with a dead meter. Would you sell me your T2 for the meter if your not using - or just the meter? i still record on the T3...
  14. wal92tt
    wal92tt nucleus76
    I have a NAD 5300 cdp if you're still looking for one?
  15. Poinzy
    You can't reproduce test conditions or test results using adjectives, the stuff on which The Absolute Sound thrives.
  16. rmunson
    reformed console collector
  17. audioman69
    432 Hz tune freak.
  18. Simon Bugeja
    Simon Bugeja
    Analogue repeats itself!
  19. Audiodrifter
    Audiodrifter mondialfan
    Hi Modialfan,

    Love the work you did on Dr K's Aragon 18k. Would you have a schematic for the 18k? I'd like to do the same z-foil resistor upgrades and need the resistors values for R1, R3, R4, & R15 & R16. Do you recall the resistor values or perhaps have a copy of the parts order, something showing the values for these placements?
    Thank you in advance!
  20. Hose53
    Hose53 audi0n00b
    Hey, saw you are following. Thought I would say hello.
    First time I have had someone follow me, not sure what is involved with that