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  1. Travis M
    Travis M pacoats
    Hello there,
    I seen where you asked Sawdust about a case for your 1250. I actually just picked one up this weekend. Did he end up making you one and if so, how's it look?
  2. Poinzy
    People worry about economizing on digital audio file storage space. Then they go out and buy vinyl LP's.
  3. Poinzy
    FLAC? Frankly, I can't see the point right now. When I think I'm about to hit audio file storage limitations, I get another hard drive.
  4. Poinzy
    All lossy compressed audio sucks. It's just a matter of how BAD it sucks. Could I say this in the digital forum? Of course not.
  5. Luxlover
  6. NVGrampy
    NVGrampy gonzothegreat
    I read your post about the UREI 6260s. It is not clear when this was posted. I have 3 of them. I have some really obvious problems with one and figure there might be some with the others. Old age? You seem to know how to fix them. Please contact me directly. lesorr gmail Thanks
  7. Beau Geste
    Beau Geste
    For my part, I'm still using ears as measuring tools. The ear says it is right or wrong; the X ‐ Y recorder may aid in showing why.
  8. CliffDHall87
    Have several vintage Kenwood amps. Reel to Reels. upscale 8- track player and 100s of 8 tracks. Vinyl enthusiast. Audiophile..maybe.
  9. echron
    echron JohnArk
    Hello and welcome from a fellow Arkansan
  10. TrueLies64
    TrueLies64 iamjaymo
    Thanks for reply. I know what you mean.
  11. Maxmano356
    Maxmano356 xratedpez
    Hi - I'm interested in your ADS 1530's. Where are you located in NY? Do your mean NYC or somewhere else in the state?

  12. Urchinn
  13. Mitaxa
    Mitaxa SanderZ
    Привет Саша, меня зовут Димитр, я из Болгарий. Хочу попросит для больше информаций для Российское копие SME3009 Tonearm? Может помочь меня найти его и сколько стоит? У него есть ToneArm Base?
  14. iamjaymo
    Didn’t get the VPI. At the time, a friend bought a Scout Master and I listened to that at length; couldn’t justify the cost over the tech
  15. Rob666
  16. Jflijohn
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, Marantz 2070, JBL Decade L36... and all of my friends vinyl :)
  17. jccoopr
    jccoopr Duffinator
    Hey Duffinator, I saw your post about those Ultralinear speakers 275A, did you end up finding any info about them or end up re-foaming them? I happen to have the same set, also with bad foam and was wondering what to do ? thanks
  18. Jeff Vitale
    Jeff Vitale Giang Le
    Was looking at your Marantz 19... a little worried about costs associated with a recap which is likely on the horizon since it is all original. What's your best price on this. Would be shipped to Michigan.. paypal or whatever.
  19. TrueLies64
    TrueLies64 iamjaymo
    Hello iamjaymo. Quick question from an old thread. You were about to pull the trigger on a VPI to replace your Technics SL1700. I am in the same boat, was curious what you thought if you actually did it. My 1700 is flawless and sounds great, but...
  20. petemcfc