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  1. p1pedream
  2. Poinzy
    I'm trying to achieve more depth in restored recordings. I don't quite know how to do it. I DON'T want to use reverb effects.
  3. 67 grad
    67 grad
    Still looking for audio enthusiasts in the Grand Strand area. So I found one (1). I know there are more out there...
  4. LPplayer
    MX112 arrived OK, cosmetically an 8, but needs much electrical work. Off to ASL asap. "Hey Mark, ya got any volume controls laying around?"
  5. Rick_S
    Interested in Audio since the 1970s. :)
  6. Rick_S
    Audio Research CD-2 and Nekko D/AC
  7. Rick_S
    Musical Fidelity A3 Pre-Amp and Power Amp
  8. OnTheBlitz
    Adjusting to Country Life :)
  9. turboduck
    turboduck kevzep
    Hi Kevin,

    I have a Sansui G7000 and 331 receivers that need some work done. Would you be interested in looking at them?

    I live in BeachHaven so not too far away :)

    1. kevzep
      Hi Al,
      Yep, I can have a look at those, what do you need doing? Tuner alignment (I bet the dial pointer is off a bit)? General service?
      I live in Warkworth which is not too far away, or you can drop at the office in Avondale, I go in there fairly regularly....
      Let me know, email address is
      Mar 22, 2018 at 1:49 PM
  10. Ipecac
    Current equipment Pioneer series 20 c-21, M-22, M-25, D-23 Pioneer M-4000 Turntable JVC AL-A151BKX Speakers..... None yet
  11. p1pedream
  12. Ricktptman
    I finished updating my systems. I was trying to find the McFinish line. I might've made it this time. Time to listen more and spend less.
  13. orion707
    New to forum looking forward to some great dialogue!
  14. Dclapp
    Dclapp Asaalah

    I’m also looking for a wooden case for my Marantz 2220. Thanks!

  15. lbls1
    lbls1 NoTransistors
    I should have waited awhile before I sent my CS 1246 out for servicing. I live in Queens, and I recently picked up this Dual with the sticking tone arm problem as described in a recent thread (I am not the OP). Oh well, I do have several old Garrards that could use service, so do you work on Garrards too? Thanks and sorry for the intrusion.
    1. NoTransistors
      Thanks for contacting me. Garrards are too time-consuming to be worth it. You would be paying through-the-nose for my time.
      Mar 19, 2018 at 4:13 PM
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    2. lbls1
      Not a problem. I just wish I bumped into you earlier with my Dual.
      Mar 19, 2018 at 7:48 PM
    3. NoTransistors
      Get a 1219 or 1229 or 1229Q, and I will be all over it like white on rice.
      Mar 19, 2018 at 8:50 PM
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  16. MudSlideSlim
    MudSlideSlim GuyNoir
    Hi I hope you didn't mind my silly trannie joke. In no way was I directing it at you,
    I don't even know you but I like detective stories and Deacon Blues.
    Anyway I'm confused does the APPJ Mini EL34 come with a beefier power supply vs switching power supply? I having trouble finding any information on it,
    I'm also interested in the Quad 405 clone if you have any other info on it, It would appreciated

    1. GuyNoir
      Haha! No worries.
      The APPJ EL34 has a switching power supply. So far, I'm less than impressed. I was ready for a liquid midrange. Sounds kind of dry and under-powered. Yeah, it's only 8wpc, but I have 93db sensitive speakers. The QUAD 405 clone: Just go to ebay or & search for Quad 405 clone. Nicely priced, but the shipping is a killer.
      Mar 22, 2018 at 8:09 AM
  17. Mark Puz
    Mark Puz
    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. Frank Zappa
  18. Poinzy
    I thought *I* was obsessive....
  19. Jere Tomo
    Jere Tomo c_dk
    Jere here with the MC7200 with the boards in need of repair. Sent pictures and have not heard from you. Did you get them? Repairable?
  20. Catswold
    Pioneer A-88X, B&W Matrix 1 , Yamaha T-1, C-4, M-4, Pioneer SA-9500 II, TX-9500 II, SG-9500