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  1. OnTheBlitz
    Never give up, Never surrender!
  2. NikonNick
    NikonNick kevzep
    Hey Kev, I have an SX-750 that I bought used & have it connected to a cd, tape and Bluetooth. Runs real nice but has a slight hum when powered on, nothing major and not really able to hear it when music is playing. I only really notice it when powering it down and the hum disappears. Don't know if it has ever been serviced but I suspect not. Something to worry about or is that par for the course ? Cheers, Nick
    1. kevzep
      Hi Nick, might just be a bit of mechanical hum from the transformer, however it could also be a number of electrical issues as well....Although really sounds like a normal power up surge from what you're describing....hope that helps...Cheers Kevin
      May 23, 2018 at 9:46 PM
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    2. NikonNick
      Thanks Kev...... will live it for now, don't really want to pull it apart it that's the only issue. Now I know you're around will holler if I need it looked at in the future. Cheers
      May 23, 2018 at 10:18 PM
  3. webnick
    webnick strabo
    I didn't hear from you but I take it this is a Mark 1. I'll give you $225 shipped.
    1. strabo
      No can do, but thanks for the offer
      May 23, 2018 at 4:25 PM
  4. birchoak
    Proton D1200 NAD 7000 Technics SL-10 CSW M80s; Scott 380R ADS L620s; Scott 420A Lafayette Criterions
  5. 8xlaxx
    Still wondering why I stood in a 2hour line for Record Store Day,... oh ya, now I remember,... it was for the '73 ABB quad LP set.
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  6. WROG
    WROG sinewaver
    No worries, Cap'n. Sussed out my needs - thanks again for the encouraging words!
    -- Rog
  7. Andyrlb
    Andyrlb tomst
    Hi Tomst,
    I am hoping that you could possibly help me as I need to replace the capacitors in my Marantz PM4, it seems that the larger black ones are no longer available and I can’t identify any of the smaller blue one ( there are no red ones) ?
    Kind regards
  8. dhop1965
    currently head first into tubes...those magic little bulbs are so fun to play with.
  9. Poinzy
    The reason for all of your Linux problems is that you use Linux. Glad I could help.
  10. sricol
    Shit happens, Music remains
  11. Dropthatbass
    11 sounds bettr then 10
  12. oldman54
    Moved to Lafayette, CO
  13. Catmanboo
    Catmanboo thornev
    Thorne! Happy sunday from da catman. You gotta subscribe, it opens up a shit-ton of new fun ,games & entertainment on AK. I've just pissed away 3 hours this a m so far, but it's well worth it!
  14. jet
    jet avionic
    Hi I was looking through an old thread from 2011 where you recommended replacing some transistors in a HK730, sadly the KSC1845EBU that replaces a 2sc1400 are no longer available. Any chance you know of a newer equivalent? I know these need to be hfe matched. I'm restoring a hk730 and just returning to electronics as a hobby after a 35 year break.
  15. russdall
    True Nobility Is Not Being Better Than Anyone Else But Being Better Than You Used To Be
  16. Akoustic
    Akoustic ldatlof
    I'll take 5. RCA 5U4G (1959) U.S.A.F $10 + $4 shipping. Please send papal info.
    ship to:
    Dwight Henry
    1417 Taylor Ave.
    Jackson, MS 39212
  17. OnTheBlitz
    OnTheBlitz Shominy
    Hey Shominy! Happy Saturday!
    1. Shominy
      Thank you.
      May 21, 2018 at 4:59 PM
  18. vintage70s
    This is my first day on Audio Karma. I'm just setting up my profile today.
  19. rudawg06
    Lover of Cerwin-Vega! Restore, Repair, Build, and collect them.
  20. Luis Althaus
    Luis Althaus
    Hello everybody, I have a Zenith 10S669 radio,my question is how to detach the front push buttons before you remove the chassis thank you.