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  1. roadie1
    roadie1 winters860
    Joe, I sleep on the couch tonight but I get to keep my gear. Sorry about the blue light special.
  2. Poinzy
    Too bad you don't get credit for things you DON'T say.
  3. tsaunders207
    tsaunders207 Bill Ashton
  4. GD vinyl
    GD vinyl Hipocrates
    Thanks for your help. I'm going to figure out what I have and repost. What are you looking for specifically or you were interested in the lot?
  5. roadie1
    roadie1 winters860
    Long time, Joe. You bought several pieces years ago from roadie1 in Chillicothe. Ring a bell? I have a few nice things you may have interest in. Mostly speakers.

    Let me know and I'll list them for you. Hope all has been well.
    Mark at 740-649-1039.
  6. Poinzy
    If Michael Fremer tried to make a formal presentation in front of a group of materials or mechanical engineers, he'd be verbally gang-raped.
  7. Poinzy
    Any one with real technical knowledge just laughs at Michael Fremer. Fremer probably banks on his fan base never discovering this.
  8. Poinzy
    I've never seen a credentialed engineer engage in the kind of self-promotion that Michael Fremer does. Why does this guy rate column space?
  9. KaatheSnake
    Hey guys! My name is Ryan. I'm a 13 year old kid who joined this forum to talk to people who have similar interests as me, mine is audio.
  10. Boogies1018
    Boogies1018 Steven Tate
    Steve, I've been studing you post on your 2230 recap and I'm thinking about doing mine. I'm not new to electronics I'm a copier tech, but new to old receivers. I see you are in NRH I'm just down the street in Hurst. I was checking to see if I could get a copy of the magic parts list and any other advice you might have.
  11. 49Pan
    49Pan sachu888
    Hi Sachin,
    By chance are there any boards for the AD797 and the OPS power supply still available? I stumbled upon this thread by chance and after reading from start to finish I am interested in building one of these. I realise it is an older thread, but if don't ask I won't know.
    Thanks in advance Geoff.
    1. sachu888
      Hi Jeoff, yes they are available. I am sending you PM right now.
      Jul 19, 2018 at 12:06 PM
  12. Poinzy
    So many pros use audio interfaces with Windows that, if they thought bit depth was affected by OS gain, they'd scream bloody murder.
  13. Poinzy
    I enjoy violating people's safe spaces with what are meant to be completely innocuous posts.
  14. Poinzy
    My Dad said his belt-drive AR turntable always looked a lot better than it performed. He finally sold it to get a Dual 701.
  15. Poinzy
    The cheapest shirt-pocket digital recorder outperforms the greatest consumer analog tape recorders ever made.
  16. Shree
    Shree rgbeach
    Pls check my post under shree, appreciate if you could help to resolve my requirement.
    Have a requirement for 2 no of polyproplyne radial capacitor its value is 333K 50 V,its fitted on the analogue circuit board 2 of Yamaha cx 1000 preamp (C329 & C330 ). I am not able to locate an identical capacitor, pls advise if an alternate capacitor can be used
    Thanks and regards
  17. nttrbl
    have to remove everything and take a hammer And 2x4 and pound it out carefully, as you could really cause some damage.
  18. xanadu1797
    xanadu1797 gdmoore28
    what is that altec speaker??
    1. gdmoore28
      Jul 18, 2018 at 8:12 AM
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  19. hhli
    hhli nttrbl
    I purchased mine a few days ago, there is no way you can remove the grill.
  20. Poinzy
    I'd say if your tonearm headshell has an audible sound signature -- even if you think it's desirable -- you have a problem.