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  1. C2rice
    Why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets???
  2. Pup
    Pup nolasally

    Tell me about the NS500 woofer? Same spec as my NS690? No mods to my cabinet needed? Price? Shipping ? location....

    I thought the NS500 had 10" woofers....

    My NS690 needs a 12 I think

    So many questions...


  3. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho doug s.
    Do you have the email of Bob for a mod ><
  4. HypnoToad
    I'm just a guy who can mess with electronics, they start out as electronics and end up in a mess.
  5. Tim64
    More of a Budgetphile good sound on a shoestring budget
  6. Tim64
    More of a Budgetphile
  7. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho modge
    is the Hitachi ft5500 the best tuner you have ?
  8. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho markallen
    hey I just got a Technics Sa-423, and there is a problem with the fm, the fm tuner does not match the station, is off by .1 mega hz, any idea how to fix it ?
  9. chahooa
  10. chahooa
  11. chahooa
    chahooa 69sixpackbee
    Hello, I saw a post that you repair or rebuild on/volume switches for Sherwood 7200s. I killed mine with deoxit, so I'm interested! Thanks!
  12. Gruss
    Gruss psychoaudio
    I have a working 6055 and fair amount of parts. Live in San Jose if you need any help
    1. psychoaudio
      Sent you a message. Thanks
      May 20, 2017 at 5:17 PM
  13. kjello
    Having my ears flushed is the greatest upgrade to my sound system I ever have done
  14. Poinzy
    Real engineers beat you to it. Sorry. You can stop thinking you made some groundbreaking discovery on your basement workbench.
  15. will d
    will d GD70
    Ok, I finally took the time to figure out how to message a member. I got it now, this way I wont step on anyone's threads. Certainly don't want to piss anybody off, OR,,,,,,,, Highjack their thread, it was not my intention. Gotta go now GD, the Dream Police are coming to arrest me. Bye now, Will to the D.
  16. wentberg
    wentberg CAIG Labs
    Thanks in advance! I was only allowed to use 420 signs so thats why my message was a little short. It's regarding my amplifier
  17. wentberg
    wentberg CAIG Labs
    After using DeoxIT D5 I noticed that the nice, heavy feel when rotating the knobs was gone and it doesn't give me that quality feeling anymore. Because of this I picked up "Deoxit FaderGrease" and Fader F100L but I am not sure how to use these. Should I spray the F100L into the pots the same way as with the D5 and then use the FaderGrease to grease up the shack or can I put this into the holes of the pot too?
  18. dontay
    dontay Lost240
    Hi. My friend Brian King(motorstereo) mentioned you might be interested in my Klipschorns. I am headed out to Cape Cod. If you can text me later in the morning, I can send a few pics that I have on my phone. Thanks, Don. 860-208-8445
  19. hank francis
  20. petertar
    petertar dspth
    Hello! I read that you made an acrosound st20-20 pcb. Can I buy you from this pcb?