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  1. JGillette
    JGillette bobrown14
    Hi Bobrown14, I'm new to this site. I have a Crown SL2, are you still looking for one? I thought I'd ask you before putting on Ebay. Jon
  2. Snilsen13
    Also log in as Snilsen.
  3. mattstech
    JBL 4311A, Sansui 350, Sony PS-LX2 w/Ortofon Omega
  4. SF_Mark
    Kids have graduated, time to get back into good music........
  5. Poinzy
    If I had to make a turntable the centerpiece of my livingroom sound system, an idler-wheel deck would be the LAST thing I'd choose.
  6. Poinzy
    The only "sound" an idler-wheel drive turntable has is rumble.
  7. mystictmoose
    just getting back into the audio again. It all was on hold while kids grew up. LOL
  8. C2rice
    Why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets???
    1. Harryconover
      May 23, 2017 at 9:01 PM
  9. Pup
    Pup nolasally

    Tell me about the NS500 woofer? Same spec as my NS690? No mods to my cabinet needed? Price? Shipping ? location....

    I thought the NS500 had 10" woofers....

    My NS690 needs a 12 I think

    So many questions...


  10. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho doug s.
    Do you have the email of Bob for a mod ><
  11. HypnoToad
    I'm just a guy who can mess with electronics, they start out as electronics and end up in a mess.
  12. Tim64
    More of a Budgetphile good sound on a shoestring budget
    1. Harryconover
      Yes good sound systems require matching components into a good system this is pretty easy with a large bugged doing it low cost is real hard , but can be done well , that's the challenge
      May 24, 2017 at 9:38 AM
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  13. Tim64
    More of a Budgetphile
  14. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho modge
    is the Hitachi ft5500 the best tuner you have ?
  15. PabloTincho
    PabloTincho markallen
    hey I just got a Technics Sa-423, and there is a problem with the fm, the fm tuner does not match the station, is off by .1 mega hz, any idea how to fix it ?
  16. chahooa
  17. chahooa
  18. chahooa
    chahooa 69sixpackbee
    Hello, I saw a post that you repair or rebuild on/volume switches for Sherwood 7200s. I killed mine with deoxit, so I'm interested! Thanks!
  19. Gruss
    Gruss psychoaudio
    I have a working 6055 and fair amount of parts. Live in San Jose if you need any help
    1. psychoaudio
      Sent you a message. Thanks
      May 20, 2017 at 5:17 PM
  20. kjello
    Having my ears flushed is the greatest upgrade to my sound system I ever have done
    1. Harryconover
      Having your ears flushed is a great "system improvement" not a joke , keep them clean use hydr nperoxie one day a week and they stay clean
      May 24, 2017 at 9:21 AM
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