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  1. Glenz75
    Glenz75 srinath
    Hi there noticed your post in my thread about the TA200W Output IC. Could be interested in it if you do want to sell it.
    Cheers Glen
  2. robinenbente
  3. Poinzy
    This little gremlin wanders between 560 Hz and 490 Hz, approximately. I have no idea what's causing it, except that it isn't a USB thing.
  4. john111/LZ
    john111/LZ RT Fan
    Good to see a fellow devotee of Richards music.Best wishes from rural England.
  5. romuless
    Can anyone help troubleshoot a car amplifier made by ADS model PQ8?
  6. Mamrak1
    See you in heaven if you make the list
  7. Mcenroe7
    Mcenroe7 Saigo
    Hi, not sure if you will receive this message, but I have read your posts on the Sony SSU-4000. I just obtained a pair, and unfortunately, both tweeters and one midrange are dead. I live in New Braunfels, and regretfully not technically inclined. Would you be interested in trying to fix these for me, and I would gladly pay you for your time and effort? Thanks Roger
  8. htdgmn
    Happy to belong 63 trying to get by on social security. They can take everything just leave me tunes and that that makes it sing Terry
  9. Capitol C
    Capitol C vmedia
    How is the 1180 coming along? I've been making progress on my AR-AU amplifier, maybe I'll be able to put the cover back on and use it soon. I was having some trouble with positive feedback in one channel at high power levels, but for the past few days I can't get the problem to recur. Maybe I should leave well enough alone and declare victory, but I'd be happier if I knew why it went away!
  10. JRW
    KR-7050, PL-S40, ADS L520
  11. Ari
    Ari patchboston
    Im brand new to this and i was wondering if i could be so forward as to ask you some questions on my Sony6120 I just picked up. Its my first receiver (vintage or otherwise) and if I know me it wont be my last!
  12. Ari
    Ari graftdesign
    Hi. Im new to vintage HiFI and I Just bought a 6120 that looks to be in very good condition. The person I bought it from did a minor recondition and clean but not a recapping. I'm SUPER excited to get this piece as it is my first vintage receiver but i was wondering what you ended up doing with your 6120 and how much did it cost in the end?
    Also, any advice you have on the unit would be really really helpful!

    1. Harryconover
      6120 what ? Alwise give manufacturer model number is needed
      Jul 19, 2017 at 1:32 PM
    2. Ari
      Wow im such an idiot! A Sony STR6120. I just go so used to typing "6120" I just assumed....like a moron.
      Jul 19, 2017 at 1:43 PM
  13. Dynaglide
    Dynaglide bc_leszcz
    Hi - I have a Pioneer SA6300 amp but blew two fuses. I put in new fuses and it played but when I put in slow-blow fuses the amp did not work, even when I put the fast-blow in again. The pilot light is coming on. When I look at the picture of your amp, there are two white cable loops. On mine these are both broken. I'd like to get it working if possible. Thanks, Barry.
    1. Harryconover
      Whene you put in the slow blow fuses you let out the "magic smoke" , putting slow blow fuses make it fail
      Jul 19, 2017 at 11:47 AM
  14. omaharj
  15. asilker
    asilker saunadog
    yo sauna. I dig the replacements still frame
    1. saunadog
      Hey I didn't think anyone would notice! Bastards of Young!
      Jul 18, 2017 at 5:49 PM
  16. unionc1
    unionc1 ecclesand
    Hi, I guess I can pm you, I am interested in the Nikko alpha? You said the price is negotiable? Can you do $220 shipped fed ex to 46628?
  17. Maudi
    if it sounds good it is good.
  18. james cox
    james cox
    Getting a tattoo of a w on each cheek.
  19. VolunteerFan
    VolunteerFan cnolanh
    Hey there fellow Nashvillian. Saw your post about the SS-M7. I have a pair and love them. Good luck, if you can make it happen! Jason.
    1. cnolanh
      Thank you! I've wanted to hear/own some of these for a long time. We'll see if it might happen! And I'm glad to know of a few other Nashvillians on AK.
      Jul 17, 2017
  20. Poinzy
    What in heck produces a 540 Hz electrical noise signature? It ain't USB. USB produces a 1kHz signature, plus harmonics. @ 1 kHz multiples.