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  1. Poinzy
    I can't promise that some of the shoes I post here won't fit you. If they do, it will not have been by design, so stop hyperventilating.
  2. Poinzy
    Once you're on B&H's e-mail promo list, you're on it forever, apparently.
  3. Mark_in_Lex
    Mark_in_Lex audiodon
    Hi Don, I'm a AK member for a year and an half now :) Am looking to find a person to rebuild my Sherwood s8000. Maybe you can give me a reference? I'm in the next town over. Lexington. Thanks, Mark
  4. Poinzy
    Maybe I should write my profile posts in code so they can't be monitored.
  5. Poinzy
    Now Izotope just has to post a patch for the bugs in RX6.
  6. Poinzy
    Not one glitch in a recording since I started recording exclusively to PC a few weeks ago. I'm still pinching myself.
  7. Poinzy
    So now the DR-40 is used just for system noise profiles. Most of the real recording is done into the PC via ASIO. I'm amazed it all works.
  8. Poinzy
    I like MCM better than I like Parts Express.
  9. Poinzy
    So far, the Behringer Micromix MX400 has worked fine as a mono pre. Using a passive DI gives me a balanced output.
  10. Poinzy
    I've discovered I can't use belt-drive turntables at all for archiving. I have to be able to manipulate the platter for various tasks.
  11. Poinzy
    I've been obsessing about getting mono vinyl rips right: minimizing preamps in the signal path, using balanced connections....
  12. Tapehead47
    I just couldn't stay away....
  13. Poinzy
    I finally gave up on my Dual 1229. I couldn't face another trip to Canada to get it serviced. Besides, I prefer manual decks.
  14. Poinzy
    There are some people who are instinctively confrontational. I'm not one of them. I like peace and quiet.
  15. Poinzy
    Amazing -- I think the only person I've mentioned by name in my profile posts is Michael Fremer. I assume he isn't a forum member.
  16. kriim
    I'm looking for 220 or 240 volt Pioneer SG-9800 graphic equalizer. Let me know, if you have it for sale!
  17. JunkironJake
    JunkironJake KutzlerTrans
    Hi, i apologize if im improperly using the forum... I've been searching and reading and haven't been able to properly navigate Audiokarma. I'm looking for someone that can help with my Marantz 4300. If you could point me in the direction of someone close to my location here in Alexandria Louisiana that can completely service my amp id really appreciate it.
  18. Poinzy
    I'd be very happy to have a system whereby only mods/admins could read profile posts. I use PP's as a sketch pad, at most.
  19. Poinzy
    Who in hell reads people's profile posts? I don't.
  20. Poinzy
    Anything meant to be even remotely useful has been posted in the forums.