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  1. Proengineer
    Suffering from G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)!
  2. kryten79
    kryten79 Son_Chad
    I too have an HPM-100 project in the queue. Would love to compare ideas.
  3. kryten79
    kryten79 Chiliarches
    I can’t help you this week under $300. I have older receivers I need to check for function first. I am selling a pair of Kenwood JL-1090AV speakers which play fine. They’re just tall. I am looking for a way to get a pair of Pioneer CS-77a speakers to an AKer in Decatur, IL. They should be ready to go by Christmas (I hope). I have an ad on Pony express. I'm in Manassas. Do you drive up or fly?
  4. kryten79
    kryten79 Chiliarches
    Greetings. (420 character limit) - I saw your post looking for an inexpensive stereo for your Dad-In-Law in NoVA. I'm guessing you're looking for bookshelf or small floor and you want a receiver with radio. You didn’t mention a turntable. I would advise updating your post with a bit more detail. Might call a couple of the repair shops, Fairfax, Arlington? which sell gear if you care to drive.
  5. bigx5murf
    bigx5murf whoaru99
    Hi, saw that you're also an Anthem AVM20 owner. Just wondering if you knew how to turn the subwoofer outputs on when using ZONE2 & ZONE3? Couldn't find a thing reading through the manual.
    1. whoaru99
      Don't know of any way to have a dedicated sub output for a zone.

      All I can think of would be to copy main to the zone then use one of the main sub outputs along with the zone outputs, but then I suppose the sub volume would not track the zone volume adjustment.
      Nov 21, 2017 at 1:07 AM
  6. Fin_hifi
  7. Poinzy
    One post per thread is my normal limit, so as not to antagonize the mods. So, if I don't answer your question, that's the reason.
  8. mbose
    mbose rave0035
    Hi Mike,

    Shipping would be at your leisure to:

    Michael Boses
    1903 Mermaid Lane
    Houston, TX 77062

    I will pay by PayPal.

    Thank you,

  9. Broesel02
    Broesel02 Turkeyamp
    Changing the temp of the Fan L-09M? I would not do so. First: i never reached the second level of the Fan. Second: I changed the resistor from the first stage to 1,8 kOhm instead 1,6 kOhm. With this resistor the fan is very quiet. I think the better way is to change the resistor.

  10. Don Bocadill
  11. jeromach
  12. cloneofkane
    cloneofkane enzoazul
    Hey Enzo,
    Do you all have any Technics DD turntables? Not looking for the manual DJ styles and really only care about auto-return functionality to semi-automatic is fine.

    Hope all is well -- thanks!
  13. Poinzy
    "Audiophile" cannot be defined, so it isn't subject to disproof, which suits audiophiles perfectly.
  14. jgonzalezch
    jgonzalezch smokinone
    Hello, Iam Jaime and I read with very interest your restore process at Luxman R1050. I get one last month, and like restore him. You post and offer send in the manual service if needed. Please send me this a , thanks a lot. (Sorry my english, not´s my native idiom)
  15. RobertoFer
    RobertoFer nabeelsayegh
    Hi Dear , i have seen a post about D&M firmware writer. Have you got the software to share dear friend?

    I,m a technician here in Brazil and i really really need this software to fix a Denon 2313 receiver that got problem in my hands. Now i have to save it or pay for a new one for the customer.

    I´m in trouble. so Can you please help me??

    Thank you Very much

  16. terpodion
    Listening to Hayden through Marantz and AR.
  17. Poinzy
    It's no accident that alcohol is a controlled substance.
  18. Poinzy
    A family friend slowly pickled his brain with alcohol. He ended up dying of dementia in a nursing home. It wasn't a "gentle" process.
  19. Poinzy
    So many people seem to gloss over Malcolm Young's alcoholism, like they don't want to make a connection between it and his dementia.
  20. edy weber
    edy weber
    enjoying McIntosh sound