Marantz 2270 - New Member - Total Novice But Want to Attempt "Restore" - Yay? or Nay?

Marantz 2270 - New Member - Total Novice But Want to Attempt "Restore" - Yay? or Nay?
rbs2, Feb 10, 2019
    • rbs2
      I am less knowledgeable than any AK member. I have Marantz 2270 [serial no. 4229] that I have had for more than a decade. Made the mistake of giving my working model to a nephew. I pulled this one off of a shelf a couple of days ago after watching BlueGlow's YouTube videos discussing restoration. Been watching them for months. After watching the videos, I cleaned everything with the wrong solvent. I didn't have any DeOxit D5, so I used some Radio Shack "Electronics Cleaner" [64-4345]. Too late I saw BlueGlow's solvent comparison video and realize I stripped away any lube. I will follow up later with D5 or F5.

      In 1966, I was my school's audiovisual nerd. After all of the YouTube videos and reading threads here, I can ID the power board, the preamp board, the phono board, and the other one (tone?) re the tuner. I think. Yesterday I bought and am reading, "How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition." I learned (finally) that "pots" referred to potentiometers. I already knew how to clean them, just never knew that's what they were called. After watching all of the videos on YouTube, I also now know that "caps" are capacitors, and I know what they look like, and that swollen ones and most others need replacement. Looks like all capacitors everywhere need to go. Same with the output transistors, which are highly suspect for my missing right channel. Also learned on Mark's BlueGlow video that my preamp board ain't making it. I hooked a bluetooth adapter to the main input and my cell phone rocked the house for one day. Thought neighbors were going to get mad. Before that the AM/FM all functioned. In fact, everything but the fuse lamps, the "stereo" indicator lamp, and the Right channel seemed to function. A day later, I can only get sound through headphones, and really bad sound at that. Weak, tinny, and heavily distorted. It sounded great for a minute, or so, then degraded tremendously. It is getting closer to boat anchor status.

      So, after all of that, I want to buy a restoration kit to attempt the effort myself. What do you think my chances are of successfully recapping and installing everything from the kit below? Opinions re kits? I will probably head to Craigslist or Harbor Freight for needed equipment (iron, DMM, desoldering iron, and a used analog scope, etc.). I have soldered and ruined the board of an old Sony Walkman cassette player, and probably a PC 486 motherboard along the way. Learned about chip polarity by blowing up an incorrectly installed Intel 486 chip. I used to assemble my own PCs beginning in 1997. Easy. I watched a lot of soldering videos and saw every mistake I made. Need to learn how to use the DMM, etc. Do I stand a chance? Mark at BlueGlow emailed me to contact all here re ideas, and maybe qualified people in Tucson, if they exist. I know to wear rubber tennis shoes and use insulated tools, and to sit on one hand when inside the 2270, etc. Sorry so long. I also have an old Akai AA-1125 receiver in the same shape. I can practice on it before jumping into the 2270. If successful, I have a big Sansui and an old Pioneer, too. I am trying to digest everything here, too. Thanks. Hope this is the correct thread. My apologies if not.
    • rbs2
      Note: I deleted the mentioned kit thinking it probably violated rules.
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