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Jun 20, 2010
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    1. jaymanaa
      I have a pair of sovtek 300B I could trade or let go cheap.
    2. joebor1776
      Hi, I saw a post from you (from 2010!) about your re-tweetering of Optimus 5 speakers. You said you used the Vifa XT25TG30-04 tweeters. How did those work out? Did you use them with the original crossover values? I have the 5's and need tweeters--can't find any originals, so looking for replacements. I'l be recapping with the original specs. Just wondering if that Vifa tweeter will be ok in there. Thanks!
    3. BParker111
      Hey man. I was browsing the forum and found a thread about the KG-4's which you'd posted on. You mentioned they were once your girlfriend's favorite speaker and I realized you were the guy who sold me yours a couple weeks ago! haha. I ended up getting a speeding ticket on my way home from buying them, which made that drive all the worse. Really happy with the speakers though, hope you guys don't miss them too much. Still haven't found a power amp for use with the 2270...

      Anyways, hope all is well man. Your plethora of audio equipment made quite an impression on me.

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    4. Nicowico
    5. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Adam, another way to check for LFI into the mid chamber of teh 408 is to cover the bass port with your hand or something flat, and push on woofer with other hand, and at the same time you are pushing woofer, watch very closely the midrange cone to see if it moves outward. if it moves, then the chamber is leaking. What I would do is runa bead of wood glue around inside lip of where it is attached to baffle, and then plop a coulpe drops where wires go through back. :)
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