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Jun 30, 2018
Nov 18, 2009
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Singapore, Asia.

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Yikes...not again!, from Singapore, Asia.

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Jun 30, 2018
    1. garyperisic
      Hi anderslober,

      I recently purchased from the US a vintage 2270 Marantz receiver but I have an issue with the power supply. It seems there is a dead circut somewhere as my fuses are blowing even with the transformer. Do you happen to know a good technician in Singapore to whom I can address the issue please?

      Thanks a lot!!!
    2. anderslober
      hey Josh.....i normally get all my 'plunder' from the US. Here in Singapore there isn't that much......Hong Kong is much better....go to Sham Shui Po....there is a couple of streets (Apliu) that have some good shops. There is a big electronics market there too. But even HK is getting 'thin'.
      Sending and shipping items is no problem at all. Just pack, label, pay and ship.
    3. jrob

      larryderouin suggested i send you a note about finding gear here in SE Asia and getting it back to the States when i'm done. I'm volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia for some months, so i'll need a system to enjoy (of course), and then i won't want to part with it (of course) so i'll need to send it back. I've found some stuff here, and imagine there's some gems in the Chatuchak Weekend Market (all the time i've spend in Bangkok and i've never been!)

      But do you have any other ideas for searching for gems while i'm in the region the rest of the year? I spend a lot of time in Malaysia, so any hints there (esp. in Penang) would be appreciated.

      Lastly, any experience shipping vintage gear overseas from the area. I'm sure there are no problems from Singapore, but what about her less developed neighbors. Any hints or suggestions?

      Thanks a lot
    4. Retro Stereo
    5. bktheking
      Thanks for the useful info on the 4230, those .5 ohm resistors after years of use were cooked, i replaced with a combo of subs and it works great now!
    6. just dave
      just dave
      Hey pal,
      How's it goin? Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you a merry Xmas.My SR-2004 is in the shop,the left channel is weaker than the right.The tech's had it for about a month and here's replacing just about everything but still can't find the problem,so it'll be like a new receiver when I get it back.Anyway take care and thanks again for that switch cover! Dave
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    Singapore, Asia.


    Pio' sx1980!/sx1250/qx949A/qx9900, Hitachi sr2004, Sansui QRX9001/G9000, Marantz 2500, Onk' TX8500MK II, Tosh' SA7150, JBL L50/4401/4411, Bose 201, couple of integrated amps and a couple of other quads:thmbsp: