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Nov 22, 2018
Feb 11, 2007
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Gatineau ,Canada

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Super Member, from Gatineau ,Canada

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Nov 22, 2018
    1. bktheking
      Hey John, nice meeting you today and thanks for the goods, let me know how I can help. FR inbound.
    2. drillher

      I ordered the SAE high output Mc cartridge.I read your reviews.Thanks for the input.
    3. Tuxman
    4. cgrieve
      I read you have a Sansui FR-4060? Is this true? I just got one (my first turntable), the only problem I have is that the auto-stop comes in too soon so I can't hear a full side of an LP. I was hoping that since you might be familiar with the table you could help me solve this issue better than someone unfamiliar, and also seeing as I don't know a lot about turntables. It has a new belt. The stopping early really ruins the experience, and makes it impossible to even play the last song or two on an LP manually. For example playing Springsteen's "BITUSA" LP I either get near the end of "Downbound Train" or at the start of "I'm on Fire" and that 'click' sound goes off and lifts the tonearm, sends it back to the lock position on the right, and stops the table rotation. Are you aware of how to set the auto-stop, or even disable it if need be? I of course tried the 17,25, and 30 cm options on the Record Size Selector. I got the user manual in a PDF online. I appreciate any help.
    5. moinau
      Forgot to ask you, are you familiar or have any or some info on an AKAI APQ-50 turntable from the late 70s or most likely from the early 80s.

      I might be able to get one if it is worth while. I like to ask for some info before I reply to this person. I was originally looking for one more Thorens or some models from the Pioneer family, and this person offered this model.
    6. ARJohn
      Ron , very happy to have you as a friend here .Take care buddy .
    7. Old_Tech
      John, You are a good guy and thanks for writing me. We will all make it someday...
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    Gatineau ,Canada


    Anthem Int 2,Oracle Delphi MKII /SAE 1000LT/Musical surroundings Nova/Denon DP-1200/Grado 8MZ/ mag's SMGA /Adcom GDA-700 /marantz cd63SE, Nak LX-3