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Jun 23, 2017
    1. JayPare
      Hi Arkay! I know you are now retired from AK, but if you ever see this message, can you please advise on which Deoxit you are using? There is so much version on the market now and there is no mention of which version to use in your guide! Cheers!
    2. Waldar
      I have a pair of Arkay Largo speakers and I'm just wondering if anyone knows much about these speakers as I can't find hardly any references to them on the internet. I posted some internal and external pictures on Instagram which I am linking below. These have been in a controlled household environment ever since they were purchased.
    3. mrtim6
      Thank you Arkay for your excellent postings. I hope you and your family have had an excellent Christmas and a happy peaceful new year.
    4. theophile
      Despite not seeing your postings any more, I see that you visit from time to time. I wish you well Sir. We might miss you(and many others) but we don't want to rain on your parade. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Stay safe. All the best.
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    5. John Fitz
      John Fitz
      Arkay, I've read your posts and you know you stuff when it comes to cabinets. I'm a newcomer when it comes to this and an intermediate carpenter. I'm attempting my own cabinet for my modest Onkyo receiver (or thinking about investing in a better receiver before i spend the time building a cabinet). I was wondering if you had any input when it comes to this type of stuff. Any foresight would be much appreciated.
    6. illinoisteve
    7. the_chad
      I was wondering if you can post the information about the guy in Hong Kong that can repair polydomes the guy you trust to repair your speakers.
    8. Arkay
      Hi Mark,

      I got a chance to hear those puppies, and they sound darned good. Won't get to hear the entire system together for at least a few months, until after our next move (perhaps longer?), but I'm optimistic.

      Good luck finding the rare HX-10000. One local place here has had at least two of the amps from the Centennial series (you have one already), and may be able to source the phono pre. I'll ask them.

      I'm still looking for the Magnum Opus version of the SA-9 phono pre, to "complete" my TOTL Counterpoint system.That's the last major link missing from my "retirement" system. Phono preamps often seem (by their nature) to be the hardest-to-find units.

      Wishing you all the best,
    9. Mark B
      Mark B
      Hi Lee, thanks for accepting my friend request. Very happy to hear about the Counterpoint monoblocks. If they have good synergy with your system the results should be spectacular.

      Please do start a thread on them.

      My system has changed little over the last 5 years. Other than dreaming of finding an HX-10000 I am quite content.

      Good hearing from you Lee.

    10. Arkay
      Calasanz, I know of a couple of places where you MIGHT be able to get vintage Pioneer knobs/replacements. Send me a PM before you come, and I'll try to make time to show you where they are/take you around to them. (I don't know any addresses, and would have to go there to find that out, anyway. Some would be tricky to find if you don't know the area, anyway. The easiest thing would just be to go ask together. If you don't speak Cantonese, I can help translate, too.)
    11. calasanz
      Hi, Arkay! Just curious, would you know of any seller in Apliu street who might have vintage Pioneer amplifier knobs? I read your post about that gorgeous Pure Malt cd player you bought in the area. I will be visiting HK in a few weeks. thanks!
    12. Arkay
      Wow! Sorry to say I've never seen a pair of Arkay Largo speakers, let alone actually heard them. In fact, I never knew that Arkay even made speakers; all I've seen from them are electronics like radios/receivers and amplifiers, and of course tape decks like the one in my avatar. It's always possible they were made by someone else, but just as likely Arkay made them in-house. If they were local to me (and especially if, as you say, they had nice Walnut cabinets), I'd grab them, just out of curiosity and because of the name. If you could take a few snapshots of them and post them, it would be interesting; they are surely a rarity. Sorry not to be of more help.
    13. vinyl fiend
      vinyl fiend
      Arkay Largo speakers. Do you know anything about them? Saw a pair locally, with nice walnut veneer cabinets.
    14. Superman102175
      Good PM! Currently in HKG. What store in Sham Shui Po carry preowned Accuphase and Harbeth? Can you tell me name of the store? Urgent as I will have spare time only tomorrow. Thanks! (, +639178004868)
    15. Spoosy
      Also, I'm sorry we're fighting over it, and I'm sorry I helped 'fuel' the fight, I'm not the kind that likes "making enemies" and I'm sure you've got a lot of knowledge you can share, I hope this doesn't cloud your judgment or whatever.
    16. Spoosy
      I really, really think you're making a mountain out of a mole-hill here. I've not once run into anyone who has made me feel embarrassed, or even pointed out the fact, that "vinyls" is incorrect. The only time that's happened was on this board, and sadly it DID turn into a flame thread... I think fixating on such a mundane, trivial thing such as the pluralization of "vinyl" is an elitist, snobbish thing, and the one who should be embarrassed is the person putting SO MUCH weight on such a small thing...It's ridiculous (in my humble opinion) that that's the kind of thing that people fight over, but then again, humans fight over a LOT of stupid sh*t so who am I to argue against this... But at least your post had some relevance to the main topic, I'm sure a lot of people don't even both replying to the question and just jump on the shun-the-'vinyls'-blasphemer wagon, and in my humble opinion, that's just sad...
    17. Spoosy
    18. HarmanKardon
      After a 18 months break, caused by horrible Mr. "U.", I say hello again.

    19. Hyperion
      Hi Arkay,

      You have a typo in your Sig...... you are the Gold Standard around here for typing - so I'm not going to let you slip :)

      PS I can't send you a PM - because you allocation is full !

      Kind regards,

    20. jch02140
      Hi Arkay,

      Seems like the best DJ turntable is Technics or Vestax,
      and for non-DJ turntables, seems like Pro-Ject or MusicHall?

      Do you have any experiences on any of them?

      Best Regards,
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