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AK Subscriber, from Mission Viejo CA.

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    1. Sue Anders
      Sue Anders
      Have a schematic for SR-5100 if you're still in need of one.
      Please eMail direct to: firesweep "at" verizon "dot" net
    2. asech
      The Calbest is a beautiful sounding amp, it is two mono amps that have a common rectifier.
      I have had a Fisher 400 and a Sansui 1000A, Still have a Fisher KX200/202B/800B and a Sargent Rayment 534 EL84 amp...The Calbest has the best seperation and sound out of the bunch. 6 12AX7's 4 EL84's and tube rectified is a nice combo. The controls are different on it , two complete sets of controls, one for each mono block but sounds amazing. If you have an opportunity to pick one it! Calbest made some quality equipment and their amps are still under the radar for now
    3. kurorin
      Sorry my bad english!
    4. kurorin
      Hello Asech,
      I saw old posts yours about Calbest 8211 amp, and I want to ask you: Is this an good amp, maybe better sound than others like Magnavox 8802, e.g.?
      I have a Maggie 6V6 and I think is a very good amplifier, that sounds better than single ended amps in my Altec Lansing 19; more clearly voices; the Maggie 6BQ5 is even better. But I prefer SE in others speakers.
      But, my question is about this Calbest compared to other PP of this time like Maggies, Fisher, HK, Heathkit or anothers that you know.
      The valve EL84 or 6BQ5 is one of my favorites and I seek amps with this valve for my AL19.
      Regards from Chile in the south of the world.
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