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Oct 14, 1966 (Age: 51)
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    1. oldboats
      I was just reading an old thread (2006) where you said that you had looked at a Kenwood 10000X III at a shop and were considering it at the time. I was wondering if you ever picked it up?
      I am not familiar with a 10000X III, just the 10000 III - and so I was wondering if you had more information on it.
      Have a good day.
      1. avguytx
        No, I never picked it up. That was long ago when I thought I needed every receiver that I came across. Through the years, I've gotten rid of most all receivers except 2 small ones and they're going soon. It was a some store in Denton, TX hidden amongst all sorts of crap. lol
        Dec 6, 2017
      2. oldboats
        Okay - I thought I should ask. Thanks for the response!
        Dec 8, 2017
    2. Texas Rookie
      Texas Rookie
      Hi. I was just doing a little research on some Norman 431's and came across a thread of yours. I just wanted to say hello to a member from Searcy, AR. I'm currently a student at Harding.
      1. avguytx
        Hey there. Yes, I do have a pair of Model 9's, which I may be selling, but they don't get used much anymore. I have a pair of Klipsch CF-3's which I love and will be building a pair of Klipsch Belle's soon, I hope. I can't find any for a reasonable price so I'll just build. Welcome to Searcy...I was born and raised here but lived away for 20 years
        Dec 18, 2015
    3. cbartin
      I have some HPM 100's and am looking for someone to rebuild the crossovers. Could/would you be interested?
    4. Xento87
      Hi, I need help with transformer my equalizer bose 901 serie III , I need to know the output voltage of the transformer, buy it on ebay and my surprise was that when removing the transformer was not the original, can help me or give me the wiring diagram, thank you very much, forgive for my low level of English
    5. werschhh
      Hi, I am new on this site. I just found out that it's not my ears and I am NOT bored but it,s the shitty crap they sell in the shops Nowday's.

      I have a question. I'll get a Sony STR-6060FW. I sent it to a repair-place and I hope the can find out about the numbers. Will you be so kind to send your information about it? Is it good?

      And also I like to know wich speakers I have to look for. The brand and the types please of speakerboxes out of that time.

      I hope you can give me advice, with regards

      Jose van Wersch
    6. avguytx
      I ended up selling the 6350Q about 4 years ago when I was selling things off when I found out the company I was with was going under. But I did keep my Marantz 6300 but it's missing all FOUR feet!
    7. RSL'67
      Hey! I ran across your thread, regarding a Marantz 6350Q missing a foot - do you still need one? I happen to have an extra - and an original tech spec book for this unit.

    8. avguytx
      I really didn't have too much of a problem doing the cap replacement thru the woofer hole. It's not the worst recap positioning I've ever done by far. ha. Did you ever get them recapped?
    9. betterthan
      So I know it has been awhile since you recapped your AR-11's but geez...I can't for the life of me get a soldering iron in mine without the shaft burning the insulation on the nest of wires in there. Any tips for maneuvering the cabinets in the right way to make it easiest? I'm banging my head against the wall here...
    10. avguytx
      I'm pretty sure they are 8-ohm nominal impedance.
    11. ashbeowulf
      Haha yeah I meant Genesis. No idea why I said Gemini :P Alright then I'll probably order some up then. Any idea what impedance they are? I don't see it marked anywhere on the speaker. Thanks!
    12. avguytx
      Do you mean Genesis G10 speakers? Not really any sure fire way of knowing unless you check them with a meter that can read ESR. But if they are electrolytic, I replace them regardless since it's a minimal expense.
    13. ashbeowulf
      Hey! Just purchased some Gemini G10 speakers today and waiting on a refoam kit to come, and then going to check and maybe do the capacitors. Do you know if there's any surefire way to tell whether the caps need replacing? Thanks :)
    14. 33RPM1967
      Where are you located? I'm really interested in the HPM 100's if you wouldnt mind telling me about them and possibly sending some pics?
    15. avguytx
      Must have been Tony Woods. He was there for around 18 years, I think, and it seems like he retired on 2010. I don't know him, though.
    16. BmWr75
      I rode motorcycles with the superintendent of the Searcy school district back in the 1990s. His name is Tony something, retired now.
    17. BmWr75
      I lived in Little Rock for 20 years. Where are you located?
    18. marloubow
      Hey Kip
      The NL9's that I just finished had a mix of 137's and 117 woofers. I was able to aquire another pair of 137's so that I have butyl matches front and back.
      So I find myself with 2 extra 10” NL 117 credence woofers. They have been refoamed them. The surrounds came from Dave miller at SpeakerWorks and I used the shim method. They are super clean and ready to use. I would like to get $75.00 for the pair plus $15.00 S&H. If you or anyone you know are interested, just PM me here.


    19. CorvetteXZR1
      Hi avguytx, Im the person who bought the Carver m400a cube amp and the nad preamp. I ended up using a Precision Power PC2150 car audio amp for home audio so the Carver is being sold. Its on audiogon right now, but if it doesnt sell there (150 starting bid) then I will sell it to you for 150. I was told by the seller that it was stored in a 68 degree room year around for 15 years never used til I bought it. Could use the refurbishing as it makes the fast clicking sound that all carver cubes do. However, since I bought it it works great, sounds great and has not given me any problems. I can give you a link to the auction if you would like. -Keith
    20. zzzman
      Hi I read that you have a copy of Carver C1 owners manual I am hoping you can send me a copy I would be most greatfull if you can. tallinthesaddle@telus.net

      thanks very much
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    Oct 14, 1966 (Age: 51)
    Central AR
    Network Administrator/CID
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    Onkyo P-3000R preamp - Dynaco VTA ST-70 - McIntosh MC250 - Klipsch inspired Belle Clones - Music Server Dell i7 SFF PC w/NAS - JVC QL-F4

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