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Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 61)
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.

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" Black Knights " Eagle Keeper, Male, 61, from Fort Dodge, Iowa


Wonder what ol Bill is up to these days. Aug 5, 2017

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    1. avionic
      I might look at this page once or twice a month--Send a PM and you'll get a quicker response!
    2. bmbfan
      Hello Dave!
      I'm a big Yamaha fan (not as big as you,though!) I have an offer in for a CA-1000 with somewhat weak output on both channels. Any ballpark figure for getting it in shape? I won't hold you to it because I understand you might find more things that need to be done, but I would like some idea of cost. Thank you and I thoroughly enjoy your posts!
    3. Karl vd Berg
      Karl vd Berg
      Hello Avionic, how are you?

      I saw some post from you on transistors replacement and I saw you are an expert.

      I need to replace two transistors in my Sansui AU-317 amplifier. They are 2SD356 and 2SB526. Is it possible to replace them with similar or even better performance?

      Thanks and regards.

      Karl van den Berg
    4. jhaan92
      Dave! MOSFET POWER ROCKS!!!!!

      Well, with that said, I got a thread for you to check out. Dad and I have been working on a set of family owned Ohm's, and I thought you might be interested on taking a peek at Dad's creative work. If you want, take a peek at the "Ohm Walsh 2 Recap" thread. Hope you like it!

    5. gyrene
      Hi Dave,
      Just a heads up for you.I got a Technics TA A650 home theatre amp in and needed the SM.
      Found it here.A place called eBid from a seller called quagwest. ( http://us.ebid.net/users/quagwest )
      Don't let the name turn you off.This was a hard to find manual and he had it for $6.99 delivered.No postage no handling none of that cheap crap.
      So if you are looking for an sm maybe this guy can help.
      Best to you,man.
    6. avionic
    7. 4thgear
      yu dave got time to talk???
    8. avionic
      I might look at this page once or twice a month--Send a PM and you'll get a quicker response!
    9. Mondry
      Marantz 2235 hum even at zero volume
      In search of that "perfect" piece, I have acquired a good looking Marantz 2235. Unfortunately it produces a humming noise through speakers, and I am hoping to get help figuring out how to fix it. The noise is present in all positions of the selector switch, even at zero volume. I have hooked up other sources in various configurations and so far have determined that the main amp is not the culprit. I have replaced the power filter caps, the caps in the power supply board and the tone control board (with the exception of two bi-polar caps), to no avail...
    10. avionic
      I almost never look at this page--If you want me to reply--send me a PM!!
    11. 4seatPilot
      Hello sir... greetings from another aviation buff!
      I'm wondering if you can help me out. Hours of google have turned up very little for me.
      I have a CA-410 that has a blown output (no conduction where there should be).
      Transistors in place are NLA 2SB566A and 2SC476A
      The best substitutes I can come up are On-Semis MJE15035 and MJE15034.
      The collector current is the same, power disipation seems similar, but the CEO and CB voltages are way off... other parts I find with closer voltage specs have different current ratings, and from what I understand the current rating is more important?
      Sorry to pull you away from your projects, I'm hoping this is an easy question for you! ;)
    12. wsissons
      Hi there I know you know alot about the ns 1000m......Ive got a pair Ive got to pick up for 500.00 .....there in great shape......my concern is driving them I have a hk 930 right now and it does well on my ar 3a .......but feel I need to upgrade big time with the 1000s......If you can share some ideas Id love to hear them ....thanks Wesley......
    13. qsaudio
      you are a FET MONSTER, lol, thanx for helping theses others out, you knoe a lot.
    14. Dr. Ear
      Dr. Ear
      Hi Avionic, do you have a copy of the SM for the Yamaha C-50 preamplifier? Cannot find it anywhere. Thank you! Kind regards, George
    15. avionic
      Note: to those posting on this page..You will get a much quicker response sending me a regular PM. I very seldom look at this page..
    16. brad6285
      dave the amp looks great but i havent have time to set it up yet i can wait to hear it. the powder coating looks freakin awesome. will let you know when i crank er up. thanx brad
    17. shojam
      Hi Avionic!

      I have been reading your posts regarding YAMAHA ca-1000....I really need your help on it...I purchased YAMAHA ca-1000 II from a vintage dealer few months back..problem started when right channel went off....found that power transistors along with 47 Ohms resistance are gone, so ordered for replacements ( B817C & 1047E)...in the mean time found another ca 1000 II in a junk market, which was in working state but with a hum in both channels...I replaced the right channel from the newly acquired one... Powered it but relay didn't worked....so i manually switched the contacts with the help of little wooden stick... a screaming noise was observed in right channel....so switched off the amp.....the replacement transistors are in my hands now but feeling hesitation to plant them, coz i think that problem isn't in channel's circuitry (all components were found in working state upon testing) .....Would you kindly help me on it...?
    18. Badger
      Don't know if you got my last message. I talked to you back in Feb about work on a Yamaha Ca-2010. You thought you could get to it in 6 weeks or so. I'm checking back to see if you can fit it in. PM or e-mail me at brucepoland@yahoo.com and let have an update please.
      Thanks, Badger
    19. avionic
      I don't do Yamaha BX-1's Don't even bother asking.

    20. avionic
      Either call me or PM me.I never use this page ..Dave
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    Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 61)
    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.
    USAF ret. F-15(Eagle)Electronic warfare Craftsmen

    DIY Audio,electronics Been repairing Audio/Video since the late 70's


    Bridged Yamaha B-6's / C-70 / PF-800/DL-160 / CA AZUR 740 /NS-1000M's
    Keep it pithy! No bloviating!
    RET USAF 1978-1998
    " Artie knows what we don't "-- PPP
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