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Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 61)
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.

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" Black Knights " Eagle Keeper, Male, 61, from Fort Dodge, Iowa


Wonder what ol Bill is up to these days. Aug 5, 2017

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    1. OscarEmmy
      Can you PM me with a price to assemble the second CA-1000 that is in several pieces? A ballpark would do. Thanks Dave
    2. OscarEmmy

      My Yammie has started to behave strangely :( When it's cold, at startup the left channel takes several seconds to come on - after that it is normal, and there are no issues once it's warmed up if I switch it off then on again - it's only when starting from 'cold.' Any idea what might be causing the problem?
    3. pete05
      I see you know your Yamaha gear! I have a query for you.
      I have a B-2x European version 220V 50HZ 1300watt. The problem is I live in Australia where the standard is 240V 50HZ. I would like to know if this could cause my amp problems?

      I have been monitoring our voltage and it sits between 229 & 235V my amp does run very hot especially the right channel my options seem to be a Variac or replacing the original transformers with toroids. What is you advice

      Any help would be great thankyou.
    4. ccwasson
      I need my M-80 repaired/refurbished. I have it paired with a C-85. Only one channel is working. Would you be willing to work on it please? Thanks for your consideration
    5. OscarEmmy
      Thanks. I just ordered the tape deck service manual and intend to work at getting the motor running. A friend at work just pretty much gave me a Thorens turntable she says she has had since 1972 (she was given it by a friend who upgraded) and it's in its original box...unused for a couple of decades! Not sure which model/arm/cartridge is going to turn up when she brings it in for me, but I am really thrilled regardless and isn't it amazing how generous people can be? I've wanted a Thorens for a long time, but thought I'd have to wait until I found a full-time job (I'm in my last semester of my PhD). LOL...sorry, wittering on, but just so darned excited! Ha ha :)
    6. avionic
      How you doin.
      Really backlogged at the moment. At least 2 months.
      Tape decks - I really don't want to get into.I could probably put the second 1000 together for you-running mono blocks-don't see how to do it and gain anything. Now -bi-amping a set of speakers is a definite possibility with the right pre-amp.
    7. OscarEmmy
      Stay inside buddy...looks like a stinker from the frozen North is on its way. I just bought a nice Phase Linear cassette deck (7000 Series Two) and am looking for someone who can service/rebuild the drive motor - is that your kind of thing, or if not, know anyone who does that stuff well?

      Also, I am thinking of assembling another Yammie CA-1000 and running them as a mono pair, with a nice preamp - is that doable (or even worth considering)? I already have the CA-1000 (the one you worked on still works superbly) and I bought the various 'missing' components off EBay about 1.5 years ago...they are all just gathering dust...

      Cheers :)
    8. Badger
      Hi, Avionics. I wanted to see how your schedule looks and to see if you'd be able to work on a Yamaha CA-2010 amp for me. I bought it as a non-working piece two years ago with the idea of working on it myself. When I got it, it was in better shape than I thought and I felt it deserved someone better qualified than to have me mucking around in it. As far as I know it has not had any prior work done on it and the problem at present is the protection relay clicking rapidly on and off. I moved right after I bought it and kind of forgot about it. PM me or e-mail me at brucepoland@yahoo.com when you get a chance and I can tell you more about it and get your shipping address. Thanks, Bruce (Badger)
    9. Gibsonian
      No doubt, we should get together. I know you are in Iowa, is it CR?
    10. Tromatic
      I are getting banned. tromatic@aracnet.com if you want to reach me.
    11. james schill
      james schill
      I have a Nakamichi OMS4 that I just got - I saw where you said you had pdf of service manual - I was wondering if you could email to me at jas205@bellsouth.net ??

      Certainly appreciate any help in this regard - Thanks in advance

      James Schilling
    12. avionic
      I've already stared aquiring and accumulating parts.I'll keep you posted.
    13. a_retent
      Yep, now that Twangfest is over when do you think you'll start?
    14. avionic
      Regulated compensator is probably a current regulator.Just crank it fully clockwise and forget about it..
    15. just dave
      just dave
      Hi Avionic, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me.You seem pretty tech savy.I bought a dc power supply Power Designs Inc. model 2050 I believe there out of business now. Its a 24v 5amp supply. there is a knob to adjust the voltage and there's a knob marked regulation compensator.When I turn it nothing happens. I'm using this for a slot car track and if you have any idea what this control does I'd appreciate your help. thanks, dave
    16. drillert450
      Avionic..... Hey there, It's been a while. You helped me out in the past to understand some fundamentals in electronic circuitry, and I'm wondering if you had time to help me out again.
    17. Autobot
    18. Autobot
    19. aidynphoenix
      hey so i found the alan wrench i needed, borrowed 1 from a friend.
      any luck on that battle strategy?
      as of now im taking it apart more, so i can possibly take a look closer at that heatsink.
      thanks again for all your help ~john
    20. avionic
      Colby-dude send me a PM
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    Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 61)
    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.
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