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Dec 18, 2018 at 11:37 PM
Apr 12, 2009
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Listening, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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Viewing thread Help choosing a stereo amplifier under $250, Dec 18, 2018 at 11:37 PM
    1. Moon_Man
      Any chance you'd like to part with that brush? I've seem to have lost mine (well, I did buy it in 1973).
    2. petemoss
      Thanks for the help and tip,. I certainly appreciate it!
    3. Balifly
      Hi Wolf 74,

      You are most welcome. Did you see the offer of a Shure M97xE cartridge and a headshell from one of the other AK members? We all try to help each other. Welcome to the AK turn table community!!! Enjoy the music!
    4. Wolf74
      Hey Balifly, just wanted to thank you for the help you've been giving me. Like I said, I'm other than playing records when I was a kid on my dad's old turntable, I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to vinyl. Your help has been much appreciated.
    5. bosull
      hey, thanks for the help with my questions about the rondo 3000x and cartridges. i just have a couple more questions if you have the time.

      how big is the jump from the current one to a better model? i dont really have a gauge when it comes to this?

      i have read reviews and such, but I am just unclear where the 'pioneer pc-135' would sit in comparison to other cartridges on the market.
      Thanks. I found the place that sells them on Ebay. They would be easy enough to make but since they are made with exotic wood the price really isn't that bad. I may just try one out.

      I was wondering if you ever bought one of those special wood headshell/cartridge spacers?
    8. Balifly
      I got them about a month ago from CL, the owner was a record collector.
      It has better mid range and lower lows than the NS 690. I am using it for rock and saving the NS 690 for jazz and classical music for now.

      How have you been, see anything worthy?
      I am done buying for now, out of cash.

    9. wsissons
      Hey dude when did you snag the ns 70t ......and how do they sound in comparision to your rock solid 690s??????????
    10. Balifly
      Where about are you?
      I am in the 57 th, Quebec, ( Main ).
      Just did a rescue of a Kenwood KD 2070 direct drive turntable.
      No counter weight, no headshell, motor run fine, not sure about the arm return mechanism, intact scratchy cover .
      Friend with me insist that I should not let it go to waste, 8.00 well spend ?
      Missing two rubber feet.
    11. barebones
      Hey no problem...Those aren't a run "o" the mill player and parts are probably tough to come by now.Luckily I haven't had any issues yet.
    12. barebones
      Is it the model with the 5 disc cartridge? I have that unit and it may be good to one for parts. I am in Vancouver too, Cheers Steven
    13. barebones
      You haven't pitched that mitsubishi cd player yet have you?
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    Yamaha CR 2020---Luxman L-410
    Sansui XP-99---------Luxman L-430
    KEF 104ab---------Luxman PD-277
    Stax SR-40--------Yamaha NS 690-----NS 70T