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Electron trainer, Male, from Near ST. Louis MO

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Sep 18, 2018
    1. cajunman.ray
      I am a proud owner of a Magnavox " American". It needs to have the amp rebuilt. While I could, being an old electronics tech, do it myself, I simply no longer have the eyesight or tools. I am in no rush, have had Maggie for 2 years now and just now getting around to getting her working. Please let me know if this is something you want to take on.
      If not, could you please point me in a good direction? Ray Bergeron
    2. zedguy
      Hi Mark, I am looking to rebuild a Baldwin 45 amp. I have 12AX7 model, do you still have a schematic you could send me? Any info or advice on your build would be greatly appreciated.
    3. reaper996
      I got your images for the 175-67 rebuild, would you by chance have a schematic with the changes that I can work from? I would like to begin restoring this amp.
    4. johnebooth
      Hi Mark! Just now saw your reply... thank you very much. My email is - regarding photo undersides of maggie 175 - John
    5. dmag
      Hi Mark, I saw a post where you mentioned you are going to do a full 9300 rework. I have a couple in the basement and have been looking for an alternative to the Al Jennings mods. Ive already done a few of those. If you are doing something different I sure would like to get in on it, and see how it compares.
    6. Kenny H
      Kenny H
      Hi Mark,
      Hope I'm not a bother, but you be the man with the golden soldering iron! while, I'm a ole' dog (with far too few cranial cells left sparking, ) wannbe with just enough wisdom to not electrocute myself, but not enough to keep from burning the house down!. I have the same PPP 4/6L6 40 watt Baldwin amp you modded in the pics, and would like to know if it were possible/feasible to do a simple rewire on the sockets to run EL34's. (after installing a bucking tranny on the input to drop the input volts a tad) I plan to also try adding some London power mods for getting the tubes to fatten up just a touch (don't like heavy EL34 tube distortion) as this will be converted into a guitar power amplifier to run pre-amps thru. I appreciate any suggestions and recommendations as I do not wish to feed money to a dead horse. Thanks.. kenny H
    7. Pio1980
      I've cleared space for you, sorry, i don't check here often enuff. Also replied to The Radio Board Message, thnx much for the headsup.
    8. litefootdan
      Hi Mark,
      Hoping that you are in better sorts and your health is well. Also inquiring as to the progress of that Magnavox 175 console amp project.
      Please let me know of any news,
      Thanks Mark
    9. chuckworkb
      Just wanted to say, thanks for the info on those caps. I appreciate it. I just ordered them.
    10. lawdawg0931
      Sorry to bug you, I received my 23% tapped Edcors for my 9302 Maggie. Is there a special way to hook those up to ensure they're in UL mode..... or is it automatic because they are 23% taps? Thx
    11. battradio
      My aviatar is from bleach the first episode , and the Robot is from Fooly cooly .
    12. s-petersen
      Hi Mark,
      I've been curious about your sig pic and the ref to conti the robot for quite a while,I know a fair amount of sci-fi,where are they from?I tried googling,with no success.
    13. Pio1980
      Not so much under a rock as involved with a couple other projects and some emergency situations here that are getting resolved for the time being. Trust you are well.
    14. eggerton
      Hey Mark,

      yeah I guess the real problem is that I just don't know where I should look for them. There really aren't any good shops around where they would have receivers or preamps or even turntables for that matter.

    15. prelius
      Hi Mark,
      I was wondering is you had a chance to go through your pile yet. Please let me know if you have the tubes and what are you asking for them. I'd like to have them by next weekend (the 11th), as my project is due by 18th of November, and I will need at least a few days to tweak and tune it...
      Thank you, Paul.
    16. tube-a-lou
      I saw on a thread that was upgrading a 9303 Manavox tube amp and saw that you
      bypassed the large cap with a 22K resistor, on mine which is a 175-67 the person
      who had this amp before, made it a stand alone and put in a 100K resistor there, is
      this O.K. or should I use the 22K one, any help in this would be great.
      Thank you
    17. sheltie dave
      sheltie dave
      Mark, Rex and I have a lot of common interests..esp. tube gear! Give me a shout at 314-651-9396 at your convenience, I have five or six pieces of gear I'm trying to get working again. Paul said you are the man at figuring this stuff out!
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