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November 23
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Proud BaPa of G, A and AJ, from Southeastern Virginia


If you reached out to me for assistance/copy of my PL-7 guide and I have yet to respond, please send an email to Thanks. Nov 8, 2017

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Mar 17, 2019
    1. PicoSign
      Hello beej.

      Could you kindly send me a copy of your PL-7 guide? My email address is

      Thank you.
      1. beej
        Just logged in an saw this. Guide sent with a question.
        Jan 21, 2019
    2. lbking2
      lbking2 Hi, Can I get your disassembly guide, does it apply to the PL-4?
      Happy New Year !!
      My email is
    3. dcbeast96
      Hi beej, do you think you could send me that PL-7 guide? My email is
    4. goldengrrrl
      Hi beej! I am struggling with dismantling my pl-7 and would appreciate your guide and possible assistance. I 'm trying to give it a good cleaning to see if I can get the 45 working again. Feel free to email me:

    5. beej
      If you reached out to me for assistance/copy of my PL-7 guide and I have yet to respond, please send an email to Thanks.
    6. EngineerNate
      Hey Beej,

      Just received a PL-7 in need of some love. It turns on and spins but the auto function is in a loop. It picks up the tonearm, brings it to the edge of the record, and then promptly takes it back to the rest. Any thoughts as to what's most likely to be the culprit?
      1. EngineerNate
        Also, could I get a copy of your disassembly/reassembly guide? black hawk 3d at gmail. Thanks!
        Oct 16, 2017
      2. beej
        Forwarded the guide and some thoughts on the auto loop issue this morning from
        Oct 21, 2017
      3. Modmail
        Any chance I can get this email as well? I have the same issue. Thanks!
        Oct 30, 2017
    7. EngineerNate
      Hey Beej, was curious if you could give me some input on the PL-8 vs pL-7. Both fully auto, both QL. What's the material difference between the two?

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      2. EngineerNate
        Thanks! Out of curiosity, if I wanted a PL-9, would you have any recommendations for finding one?

        The PL-8 and 7 seem to go for similar money online, part of me hates to spend the same for the next mode down even if sound wise they're nearly indistinguishable. But I'd definitely be willing to pay a bit for the 9.
        Sep 26, 2017
      3. beej
        PL-9s do not often come up on ebay but I have seen them there. And you're right, the 9 is big step up.
        Sep 27, 2017
      4. EngineerNate
        Just picked up a PL-930 for less than $50 on eBay with what looks like the original PC-3MC moving coil cartridge. The stylus is probably shot but it looks like a decent cartridge nonetheless. Do you know if I am correct in assuming this is basically identical to the PL-7 aside from the color? The service manual even says, "See PL-7 manual."

        Sep 27, 2017
    8. NiclasHH
      Hi Beej,
      I just brought a PL8 home and I will try to give it a good clean-up and adjustment. It is in working order already and I was hoping you could send me some documentation I understand you have to support me on my quest.
      Anything specific that I should replace when I restore it?
      My e-mail is
      1. beej
        Just sent you an email with disassembly guide attached with some additional info.
        Sep 26, 2017
    9. mmelbie
      nice to meet you Beej. I too would love to take a look at the guide you made so I can work on my PL-7 (slowish 45 speed issue). my email is
      I actually picked up this TT because of all of the great things being said about it here. I love it!
    10. Vintage Bert
      Vintage Bert
      Hello Mr. Beej.

      Busy struggling with reassembly of PL-8,,, I bet you can guess which reallignment issues have me somewhat stumped. Wondering if you are still the guru of a guide to such issues. My email is
    11. BejittoSSJ5
      Hi beej, do you know the best protractor to use on the Pioneer PL-X turntables? (the PL-4 in particular)
    12. beej
      On it, Jeff. Look for an email from
    13. Jeff Church
      Jeff Church
      I forgot to provide my email address -
    14. Jeff Church
      Jeff Church
      Hi beej. I was wondering if I could get your repair guide for the Pioneer PL-7. Mine is in good shape but I've noticed some speed variations recently even with the lock light on and I'd like to get that sorted out. Many thanks.
      BTW, I noticed you are in "southeastern Virginia". I'm in Chesapeake.
    15. beej
      Stuart, responded to your pm. No problem.
    16. stuartmac
      Hi Beej - you must get tired of this - but I have a Pioneer PL-4 direct-drive turntable which has the speed problems issue which are a common issue with this model. The 33/45 button and speed-adjustment button work but I cannot get it to the correct 33 rpm at 50 Hz speed.

      Can you send me the cleaning and disassembly guide too. tyia.
    17. beej
      They are absolutely interchangeable. Enjoy the PL-4.
      1. xyzabc likes this.
      2. xyzabc
        Thank you!
        Mar 4, 2017
    18. xyzabc
      Hi, I'm new to the forum and TT game. I have an opportunity to grab PL-4 for a good price but it's missing headshell. Only replacement I've found is the one from PL-8. To my knowledge PL-8 uses PXA-867 while PL-4 PXA-882. They look the same to me. The question is, are they interchangeable? Thanks in advance!
    19. beej
      You're on Jack. Email coming from
    20. Lucky Jack
      Lucky Jack
      Also, any other helpful hints would be much appreciated! The motor seems fine and the speed will remain constant for the most part. The speed control wheel is very touchy and difficult to keep constant and adjusted. Thanks in advance!
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