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Proud BaPa of G, A and AJ, from Southeastern Virginia


On it, Jeff. Look for an email from Apr 30, 2017

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Sep 14, 2017
    1. EngineerNate
      Hey Beej, was curious if you could give me some input on the PL-8 vs pL-7. Both fully auto, both QL. What's the material difference between the two?

    2. NiclasHH
      Hi Beej,
      I just brought a PL8 home and I will try to give it a good clean-up and adjustment. It is in working order already and I was hoping you could send me some documentation I understand you have to support me on my quest.
      Anything specific that I should replace when I restore it?
      My e-mail is
    3. mmelbie
      nice to meet you Beej. I too would love to take a look at the guide you made so I can work on my PL-7 (slowish 45 speed issue). my email is
      I actually picked up this TT because of all of the great things being said about it here. I love it!
    4. Vintage Bert
      Vintage Bert
      Hello Mr. Beej.

      Busy struggling with reassembly of PL-8,,, I bet you can guess which reallignment issues have me somewhat stumped. Wondering if you are still the guru of a guide to such issues. My email is
    5. BejittoSSJ5
      Hi beej, do you know the best protractor to use on the Pioneer PL-X turntables? (the PL-4 in particular)
    6. beej
      On it, Jeff. Look for an email from
    7. Jeff Church
      Jeff Church
      I forgot to provide my email address -
    8. Jeff Church
      Jeff Church
      Hi beej. I was wondering if I could get your repair guide for the Pioneer PL-7. Mine is in good shape but I've noticed some speed variations recently even with the lock light on and I'd like to get that sorted out. Many thanks.
      BTW, I noticed you are in "southeastern Virginia". I'm in Chesapeake.
    9. beej
      Stuart, responded to your pm. No problem.
    10. stuartmac
      Hi Beej - you must get tired of this - but I have a Pioneer PL-4 direct-drive turntable which has the speed problems issue which are a common issue with this model. The 33/45 button and speed-adjustment button work but I cannot get it to the correct 33 rpm at 50 Hz speed.

      Can you send me the cleaning and disassembly guide too. tyia.
    11. beej
      They are absolutely interchangeable. Enjoy the PL-4.
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      2. xyzabc
        Thank you!
        Mar 4, 2017
    12. xyzabc
      Hi, I'm new to the forum and TT game. I have an opportunity to grab PL-4 for a good price but it's missing headshell. Only replacement I've found is the one from PL-8. To my knowledge PL-8 uses PXA-867 while PL-4 PXA-882. They look the same to me. The question is, are they interchangeable? Thanks in advance!
    13. beej
      You're on Jack. Email coming from
    14. Lucky Jack
      Lucky Jack
      Also, any other helpful hints would be much appreciated! The motor seems fine and the speed will remain constant for the most part. The speed control wheel is very touchy and difficult to keep constant and adjusted. Thanks in advance!
    15. Lucky Jack
      Lucky Jack
      Everywhere I've looked for help to repair my Pioneer turntable, someone inevitably chimes in...go to and find a guy named "beej." He can help you. So here I am! My Pioneer PL5 has an erratic speed issues. Could you please help me out and share your disassembly guide for the PL5? Thanks! Lucky Jack
    16. beej
      I sent annie the owner's manual. Should be all set
    17. anniepetroni
      Hi, beej! I made an account here just to message you. I saw you post something about a guide to a Pioneer PL-5 in 2010?? Do you have this guide still??

      Honestly the only thing I really need is to know how to change the needle. I am struggling. Anyway, if you're feeling super kind and helpful maybe you can shoot me an email .

      I'd really appreciate it ! Thanks, BEEJ!
      1. Harryconover
        It's named a sylus and most just slide in and are still Avalable if it a moving coil type it can't be replaced in the field
        Feb 12, 2017
    18. VinylRescue
      Following the thread to here in hopes of getting a copy of the service manual for the Pioneer PL-7 turntable. I've got it torn apart, and I hope I can get it put back together. Follow a lot of links for the manual, but everyone wants $$$. It seems to be in good shape, but dusty with dust bunnies inside. My email is Thanks!
    19. Nateekins
      Hi there beej! I recently purchased a PL-730, and it has issues holding a steady speed. Based on what I've seen here and elsewhere online, I hopefully just need to get at that switch with some de-oxit, but I don't see the way in there. If you still have a guide for this and any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    20. LindaNH
      To Beej - I have a faithful old Pioneer PL-7 that has worked well for a generation, until now - it has started doing the endless loop thing that many others have reported. I have never had a turntable apart but I'd like to give it a try. Would appreciate it if you could forward me your guide for this repair? Thanks!
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