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Big Tuna

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Jan 30, 2019
    1. Julien96
      I got a pair a cerwin vega d9 (woofer is 154w) and one of the coil blew up so I bought 2 woofer but they are 152wr, whats the difference and the 152wr were in which speakers before?
    2. wamck49
      I own a pair of Kenwood LS 408A speakers. I had hooked them up and was so impressed with the sound but I heard no sound from one tweeter and when tested there was no reading on the multimeter... Can anyone please suggest where I might look for a replacement and/or whether the tweeter can be repaired? Or: Does anyone, for example, Big Tuna, happen to have one maybe sitting around looking for a good home?
      1. Big Tuna
        Big Tuna
        Hello Wayne, so sorry for my delay. I'm still not used to the new style AK format. Been pretty busy with work too. Yes, I have quite a few spare 408 tweeters hanging around my parts bin. No they cannot be repaired if they are open(blown). The leads travel through the frame and edge of cone, and the tweeter cannot be disassembled without permanent damage. Do you still need a tweeter? Let me know. Cheers. Charles
        Apr 16, 2018
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    3. Redketchup
    4. vinnimac
      Hello, I have a pair of 408c's and am trying to determine if have original drivers or not. Tweeter had really no marks, midrange frame had 'trio' and kenwood symbol in aluminum frame, woofer has 'BOHEM PART NO. 12 HECHO EN VENEZUELA' in the aluminum frame. Woffer also has stuf on it in ink. "912A223D"; and below that is "248409C". Any of that mean anything?
    5. Staun
      Big Tuna,
      I have a set of Kenwood 408B speakers which are in fantastic condition. However, I feel the sound is a bit to flat for me in the upper bass and midrange areas. I read you posting on replacing the caps with your suggested crossover. In your opinion, does this crossover produce better upper bass response and more bottom in the midrange areas? Would welcome any suggestions.
    6. t8ter70
      Happy birthday charlie
    7. mattking52
      Hey, Big Tuna!

      I have some Marantz HD770 and HD660 speakers in nice shape w/ all original drivers that I've had for several months. Both pairs have the original Vari-Q plugs with old, rotting foam.

      Can you describe for me in a little bit more detail how you go about refurbishing these Vari-Q plugs? I've read your post about obtaining sheets of closed-cell black foam from Lowe's, and then "rolling and angle-cutting it" to size, but I'm a little bit confused as to what you mean by "angle-cutting" and how you would keep the roll together once it's on the plug. I do understand that the foam roll, when finished, needs to be slightly bigger than the hole in the cabinet to ensure a nice seal.

      Also, do you happen to have any spare Marantz logo badges from the HD series speakers that I might be able to purchase from you? Neither of my speaker pairs have the original badges.
      Thanks! --Matt
    8. saggybaggy
      Hey Big Tuna! You confirmed/clarified (in one of your past posts) something that's been driving me nuts for a few months. I retrofitted a pair of Kenwood LSXXX speakers recently; replacing the woofers with Altec 10" Bolero woofers and adding a RCA 6" MI-2934 (old ships speaker w/ phenolic cone -much sought after in DIY cirlcles) in a three way config using a new motor board. Now here's the weird part (were you come in); on a hunch I used the Kenwood cone tweeter that came with the original cabinets as it sounded pretty good when listening to them before the mods. Holy cow!...this tweeter is just RIGHT! I've been going crazy trying to figure out how a cone tweeter sounds better than my pricey vintage coral horns(?)....well, your post has helped me regain my sanity because it confirmed that I'm not going crazy or's a perfect tweeter above that RCA driver (and the Altec woofer too). Many thanks!....Eric in Toledo.
    9. meow
      Hey, Tuna. Thanks for your response!

      I took some pictures of them: They look better with the drivers in, haha. You can see what's up with the current crossovers. I'm not sure if either of them are stock.. Either way, I want to put in something better.

      You're talking about these crossovers, right? I see... they match up with the frequencies on the back label.

      Do you know anything about the 150W version? It is half the cost..

    10. meow
      Hey, Big Tuna.

      I just picked up a pair of LS-408B's. They look beautiful, and the drivers are original cones, newly refoamed. However, I'm not so keen about the crossovers. They're just capacitors, and there's a different configuration in each speaker!

      Do you happen to have a crossover schematic suitable for the 408B's, or could you point me in the right direction?

      Thanks for your help.
    11. Brianlee78
      Hello, Big Tuna. I hear you are the man to talk about Kenwood speakers with. I have a pair of LS-890's that I love. I have read about some mods you have done and was wondering if there was anything I could do to get even more out of the 890's. Powered by a Kenwood model eleven. Also any advice on how to find a pair of model 7's or ls-408b's? Thanks for any advice.

    12. joe_sk2
      Was told you may know of these speakers I own.
      Can't insert them here but I've uploaded them on Kenwood fans and my profile.
    13. Mondry
      Hi, Charlie; no problem with the delay as I got into a garden project. Yes, paypal will work for me so fire away.
    14. Hoodcom
      Meow, meow! Charlie the Marantz man, hey! :)
    15. try1256
      That would be great Charlie. I have a post in barter town. We'll see if any one else might be interested.
    16. Mondry
      The crossovers for the LS -408A's arrived today and I am wondering if it is easy to figure out how to hook them up. Also I can see from the number of your friends and messages that you're a busy guy, but I am wondering about the midrange speaker you were going to send to me. Have sent my address a couple of times, hope you've got it.
    17. Mondry
      Hi, Charlie;
      It turns out that the dusty, sun damaged speakers under my bench are Kenwood LS-660. The drivers all measure 7.3 Ohms and they actually sound quite good. Do you think they are worth restoring?
    18. try1256
      Hey Charlie, I think I am just going to liquidate the Model Seven's. Let me know if you are interested in the drivers. I think I have someone interested in the cabinets here locally. Talk to your soon.
    19. Mondry
      Hi, Charlie. Re: Kenwood ls408a midrange - my address is: Andre Bard, 2358 Heron Street, Victoria BC V8R 5Z6, Canada. As to the crossovers - I'll get the 150 Watt ones fro Electronix.
    20. Mondry
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    August 25
    Silver City, Texass
    Cooking, Spirits
    I have been messing around with stereo gear since I was 6 years old. I like to take things apart, analyze it, study it, and fix it if I can. I had military training at a young age, but opted out of continuing that to join my father in the family business. Did that for 15 years, then entered into the automotive field to work on, and detail cars. Briefly tapped into the food business, but decided to go back into automotive and currently a sales specialist at O'Reilly auto parts. Enjoy helping people with their cars and looking up parts, though it's challenging at times when it's busy and unruly customers become belligerent. The majority of customers are good people and if I can make people smile knowing that I made their day, then it's all worth it.


    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Pioneer SX-1980, SX-1280, SX-1250, SX-5590, Kenwood Super Eleven, Marantz 2500, 2275 and a myriad of Tuna-Tuned speakers.
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