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Jul 8, 1967 (Age: 50)
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Aug 22, 2017 at 6:56 AM
    1. GPZ1100
      Hi Bigerik. I am doing the tweeters on a few pairs of Energy Pro 22's and I read some of your comments on the crossovers as well. All of the tweeters still work on my 3 pairs but the mids are weak on at least one of them. I believe you mentioned that a bad cap on the crossover can be the cause of the weak mids. Can you give me any advice on what parts I would need to purchase to do this?
      Thank you
    2. Bratwurst7s
      Hi Bigerik,
      Thanks very much for helping me with that thread title. You guys are the best!

    3. Bratwurst7s
      Hi Bigerik,
      I'd like to edit the thread title of my "Yamaha A-500" thread to read "Yamaha A-500 & A-520" but I seem to be too dumb to figure out how to do that. Is it possable that you could help me out with that?

      Thank You,

      edit: I suppose it would be more friendly of me to include the thread link.
    4. Final_Baton
      I edited my thread title but the change doesn't show in the forum section, only when the thread itself is open. The reason why I edited the title is because I originally mentionned 2 amps in it, whereas I wanted to talk about 3 of them. So I had to add a third one.
      Would you please fix this?

      Thank you! here's the thread in question :
    5. JJS 45
      JJS 45
      Hi Bigerik,

      I found your Luxman LV-105 thread and wanted to ask your opinion. Should I normally leave the "pre-heat" switch off if it's staying off overnight?
    6. HiFiOutlaw
      Hi Mr Bigerik,

      Can you please close my account?

      All the best.
    7. revox-b77
      I have a question as to where to post: A firend of mine is cleaning out a trailer and has several RTR's that he would like to give away. I have pictures of the units I can post, but am not sure where is appropriate. As I said they are free, I am trying to keep them out of the landfill. There is also a wall of mastering tape. Hundreds and hundreds of reels most of which are Ampex 456 and other flavors known for stickey shed. These too would all be free. Let me know what you think. I don't want to post on the wrong forum.
    8. Bubo
    9. boza
      Thank you.
      You are i saint i wint do it again ime sorry you had to step in i will still hang around but i will keep my self to my self now once again thank you my freind :-)
    10. Awesomeaudio
      Hi, I posted a thread in the tape section. Titled, "Sony TC 730 pinch roller cover wanted". What happened to it ? Did I do something wrong by wanting something and asking for it ?
    11. Watthour
      To the management in general, good call on re-naming the former "TOL" forum. The new label may be more appropriate.
    12. waterjetguy
      Are you ignoring my question/issue?

      I can't seem to get anyone to answer me regarding how to wipe out my AK acc't.
    13. waterjetguy
      How do I remove my acc't and/or username from AK?
    14. LordOfTRings
      Hey! Your name's Eric? ...Mine's Bob. ;-)

      Enjoy life, and all the people in it. :-)
    15. craxx6969
      I've started a new thread but it is not showing up in the thread site. I am allowed to post or is there an issue that I should be aware of?


    16. Niles
      Hi Eric, I'll bet you are a big fan of the TV show Due South? :-)

      Take care!
    17. onepixel
      Hey Erik, howzit going man!
    18. FAB1
      Your not Dudley Do Right are you? No, let see...Inspector Fenwick?? Oh crud what was that TV show anyway.
    19. martaylo3
      so, it's not Ranger Gord and it's not John Cleese being silly...I vaguely recall seeing a TV show a long time ago about a Mountie and that's what it reminds me of but I can't seem to grasp the name...
    20. RamblinE
      Hay Mr Bigerik. I just posted a thread in 'Modern Day Hi Fi' and I'm having second thoughts about my choice of subforum. I feel the thread would be better off in General Audio based on my topic. (more mobile audio, less hifi). Could you move it please? Thank you!
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    I've Been Everywhere