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    1. fishoz
      Hi Bill,
      We're going to be at the flea on Saturday (morning). If you're there give us a call and we can meet up (847)409-3321.
      BTW - that cartridge works very well on the Dual - using as my main for the present. Hope you're enjoying the Polks.

    2. fishoz
      Morning Bill,
      Nice meeting you yesterday. Turned out to be a super nice day for me and the wife. Bought a antique tube radio at the flea for $10 - will keep me busy. Stopped at a cheese shop on the way home and found a farm fresh Sansui 9090 but am now confused as to whether to pull the trigger - not what I need for my system (I need some power 200 w/ch) but it is a nice piece (original owner/plenty of lights out but working).
      Just an FYI my e-mail address is - feel free to drop me a line if needed. If you get down here in the future please give a call - a beer and a listen is always fun.

    3. fishoz
      Bill, I've run my Polks on and of since I bought them new ('84?). There is a possibility I may replace them soon though. If you like I can keep you in mind. I love them but the replacement deal may be to good to pass up and wifey says if new comes in old goes out.
    4. anthony101
      hi Bill, no sorry i didn't keep a list, but i can help with what i can. Are you looknig to recap the entire stereo or just the phono board?
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    All things old, like me. Stereo equipment, music, air guns, home repairs, wood working, etc.


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