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AK Subscriber, from Burlington, NJ

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Mar 20, 2019 at 5:41 PM
    1. Rex Aeterna
      Rex Aeterna
      interesting seeing some folks here from nj. especially when the're only like 10 minutes away(town wise). it's nice knowing there is hi-fi enthusiasts locally. shows how small the world can be sometimes. i just wanted to say hi to you and tell you, you have very interesting and very nice looking pieces there. always heard great things bout carver gear. maybe can talk sometime. later.
    2. BillWojo
      Hi, I've allready got a Carver TX-8 and a TX-11. Let me know what you have. I've never listened to the Amazings or any other ribbon speaker. Would love to though. I'm looking at the build going on at the Carver site right now for some small ribbon speakers. I just might buy into that. Right now I'm driving a set of DCM timeFrame 600 speakers with my Carver PM600 amp and C11 preamp. Sounds great.
      Where in the area do you go to look at used stuff?
      Take care
    3. Toasted Almond
      Toasted Almond
      I use quite a few Carver products in my rigs, and I have a spare or two, but I'm not ready to part with anything yet. I have some Carver receivers I could sell, but no power amps at this time. What speakers do you drive? I got a pair of Amazing Platinum Mk. IV's direct from the factory in 1991. I use those in one rig and a pair of AR-9 in the other. I like them both a lot, and am actually more of an original AR fan than a Carver freak.
    4. leesonic
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    Burlington, NJ


    Pioneer DV-79AVi > X10 clone tube buffer, Technics SL-M3 TT > Carver C11 preamp > Carver Silver Seven T monoblocks > Carver Amazing Platinums

    Pioneer DV-79AVi, Yamaha PX-3 TT > VTA SP9 preamp > Mac MC40 monoblocks > Altec's in a HeathKit Cab