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    1. Rumi
      Hi Bluesky I came across your post researching the Sansui MA-7 and end up becoming a member so I can contact you I just purchased one and have not received yet in preparation of its arrival I am looking for an owner's manual and in the best case scenario a service in PDF format and was wondering if you have these documents and if you do can I acquire them from you thank you in advance for your time regards Rumi
    2. n' Jeff
      n' Jeff
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    3. BLAH BLAH
      HI bluesky
      I have recently acquired a sansui au-d11 and I immediately thought of you and what would be your thoughts in regards to this unit?!?
    4. bluesky
      Hi phatster...most appreciated!! Thank you

      Steve (bluesky)
    5. phatster
      I finally got some as-300's.I thought of you and your I'm looking for a pair of reasonable priced 4430's,if I find them I will let you know so you can have these.Given your long term interest I think you deserve them.later Niven
    6. joenicholson
      Hi, I'm working on a custom project built from a sansui sm320m. I have a schematic from a 500, which is very similar, and I think I can build it from that, but the 500 has a ss preamp for phono and I'd perfer the 320 setup. Would you have a schematic for a 320 that you could share with me. Thanks, Joe
    7. mike835
      G'morn bluesky...
      A member referred me to you in reference to a Sansui ad sign I've got. I've got a thread up on the piece, and I was wondering if you can give me any info on it...Unigue piece, reminds me of the same light principal that was found on the old "Lite-Brite" toy I had as a kid.. Any info would be greatly appreciated ! Mikey from MA.
    8. Charix
      Hi Bluesky,

      I started a thread in Exclusively Sansui called Seven vs Eight Deluxe. People are asking time line questions which I bet you have a chart of. Could you add it to the conversation?


    9. plresults
      Hi: Do you have pics of your Sansui gear? I am seeking an 838 or 929 turntable, if you know a source? Thanks & be well! Kind regards, Steve
    10. phatster
      Thanks for your kind instructions,I got things running and your thoughts are spot on...easy on the knobs! FYI....there is a set of as-300's on the bay! Shipping would be the deal breaker for me!Thanks again..Niven
    11. bluesky

      1. Connections:
      a. BBEs have channel A and B, input and output. (for stereo cables RCA /or instrument 1/4 inch cables.
      b. Your amp has CD/SACD in: L,R
      c. Your CD player has 'line out': L,R
      2. Plug in your CD 'line out' (L,R) interconnect cables.
      3. Plug them into the BBE channel A,B input.
      4. Plug 2nd pair of interconnect cables into BBE channel A,B output.
      5. Plug those interconnects into amp CD/SACD 'in'.

      That's it.

      If your pots (BBE adjustment knobs) sound scratchy, just use a little dioxit in them. That's about all that can be wrong. BBEs are pretty bullet proof.

      BBEs work GREAT with CD players. You just have to use 'minimum adjustment' on the BBE. Just play with it and you will figure it out. The sound enhansement is amazing.

      It's amazing at the sound that will be coming out of your speakers if your using a vintage system & speakers! Jaw dropping.

      BBEs are amazing. They are addictive.

      Good luck and Enjoy.
    12. phatster
      Hey ...I need some advice...I got a 462 maximiser coming and I don't know how to hook it up?! Since you got one I thought I would ask.I'm useing an integrated yamaha ca-2010 in my main system with CD player and TT and cassette deck.Where do I put this rascal ? Thanks....I was thinking the CD would probably be best through this ...Niven .. By the way...I have followed your advice about Sansui gear with much happiness.
    13. vinylwins
      Hi, I've found a Sansui QRX-7500 for 225.00.... It looks (from the pics) to be in good shape... I remember envying my suite mate's Sansui in college but haven't heard or seen one in years... You seem to be the go to guy for Sansui info. So, if it's not too much trouble, what do you think about this receiver at this price? Thanks!
    14. russ1965
      Noticed inone of your post yopu wanted Sansui 5000X. I have 2 I maybe be selling one or both. If interested PM me

    15. Murray210
      Hi Bluesky,
      would you be ok to e mail me a complete owners manual for the Sansui MA-7 Consolette and Monitor Speakers, Ediblehead was able to give me some of the pages.
      I have one but am still to connect it and I would like to connect the amp speakers back to it without blowing anything up.
      If you are happy to do it, could you e mail it to

      thank you Murray210
    16. Daryl Edward
      Daryl Edward
      Hey, what did you do with all the Gut's from those SP-2000 you destroyed, I'm interested but couldn't find it on E-Bay, what do you have left,crossovers, speaker's, let me know what's left? Shipping to Mich. would cost alot but I would love to have those left-over's, any woofer's> Weshould be able to work out something? Let me know, Daryl. How did the one's you re-worked turn out? What did you re-place, and are you happy with their sound?
    17. Daryl Edward
      Daryl Edward
      I'm not good with puter's either, my intrest is in old school stereo, my speaker's I was blabbing about are probably about mid-seventies. You need to post a thread like I di and someone who know's your system should get back to you, I had to figure out how to post a question, and if I did it, you can too, look through this stuff on here and you can figure, sorry I would not be of much help and I,ve got to go to work soon, Thanks.
    18. elpingu777
      have some gx-5 sansui rack questions could u please please give me a call 305 300 01666 im not very computer saavy!!! thanks johnny
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