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Oct 21, 2018 at 10:47 AM
Jan 4, 2007
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Back in Chicago

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AK Subscriber, from Back in Chicago

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Viewing thread Mc402 Vs. Mc452, Oct 21, 2018 at 10:47 AM
    1. moshe1436
      Hi bobschnieder -- I have a Marantz Superscope CD-330 stereo tape recorder that needs new belts. Do you have a source these? Thanks,

    2. pgena
      Re Famous Macs. I read your post. I don't know if you got my email, but we must have met at the Mac clinic in Evanston at Audio Consultants. I have an MC275 and MC240 as well as a JBL Paragon and dead JBL preamp - all from the Playboy Mansion. I live near Old Orchard. Best, P
    3. Autobot
    4. Brian Walsh
      Brian Walsh
      Hi Bob,
      I don't seem to have your email address. Could you please send it to me?
    5. Cosmic Charlie
      Cosmic Charlie
      Bob, how are you?. I was doing some research today in the tuner section, and came upon a post about a guys Pio. TX9100 cutting out on one, then both chs. You responded that you had a similar problem w/ your TX9500. You said that replacing a bad cap in the output stage corrected your problem. I also have a TX9500, my problem is not a total ch. drop, but a total loss of bass in the rt ch. I was curious if maybe this was what your problem was, and if you thought I may have a bad cap in my rt. ch. output stage. My TX9500 picks up stations wonderfully, (near and far) and sounds good except for just getting the highs only in the rt. ch. If loss of bass was not the problem please excuse me, but I'm kinda grasping at straws at this point. Thank you and I hope you have a safe and prosperous happy new year. CC
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    Back in Chicago


    Mac MCD201, MR78, C41, MC352, MPI4
    ML Ascents + Descent, Linn LP-12, Revox B77, Squeezebox Touch

    Citation 1 & 2, Marantz SA-11S2, Technics SP-15, Onkyo T-9090II, PMC OB1i, Otari MX5050 B-3, Squeezebox Touch
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