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Jun 19, 2015
Jun 22, 2002
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Apr 26, 1948 (Age: 70)
Toronto On Canada
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An Old Geezer, 70, from Toronto On Canada

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Jun 19, 2015
    1. DTiberius
      Hello Brian,
      I've read here on AK that you are the man when it comes to Philips gear! I recently acquired a beautiful 7861 and I was wondering if you had a service manual for that unit
      that you'd be willing to share!
      Thanks in advance, sir!
    2. werschhh
      Hello, I am new on this site, just aware of this matter. Question:Which Vintage speakers will match with a Sony STR6060? About 100-200 Euro.

      Thank you.

    3. KB Flower HR
      KB Flower HR
      From what I have read Brian you seem to be one of just a few members that have an affinity for Philips gear. I just purchased a very mint 7871 from neighbor of mine off CL. I'm not sure if you have purchased one of these yet, but if you have any comments about the unit would be appreciated. Do you have any manuals you could share? Waiting for a delivery of some new lamps. Can't get over how well thought out the build is on this receiver. Compared to most this is very simple layout. And the lamps, somebody was thinking straight using the same style lamp and values throughout sans FM indicator. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this unit.


    4. ZantRepair
      Seen a post that said you have a copy of the Phillips 5781 service manual? Would you be so kind to email it to me? I have the pre amp also 5721 if you have a manual for it that would be awesome. This stuff sounds great paired with my AR9's but the protect lights stay dimly light and I would like to give it a tune up. Thanks Josh
    5. vitorzoom
      Congratulations Brian
      Tomorrow is my birthday too!
    6. zyggypop
      Hi Brian

      I've been the proud owner of a sherwood S5000II for the last few years (and I love it to bits)
      After reading your comments here and there about the 9000 serie I start looking for one of those and just got my hands on a s 9000 .I understood you have a 9500C but have you ever listen to a 9000. does it sound as good as the less powerfull version.
      I looking forward to receving it on this side of the atlantic and start working on it.
      hope to read you soon
    7. Dclapp
      Hi Brian,

      I was reading up on Wharfedale W70s -- I have a beautiful pair that I love and am thinking of recapping -- and I saw your post that included this:

      If you got the acc;y legs, good. Mine came with them. They lift the speakers about 6" and it is worth getting them higher up.

      I didn't know that there WERE accessory legs! Any chance that you could send me a photo of one? I might try to duplicate it...

      Thanks in advance,

    8. Boatntunes
      Hello, Brian. I recently purchased a set of Z824's. All of the panels make some sound, but they sound the same whether they are plugged into the wall or not. Do you know of anyone who might have troubleshooting information?

    9. stupid11
      excuse me Brian, can i ask u a favour?
      i am currently having a set of koss ESP 9. i want to connect them to my BMB DA-2000 Pro amplifier. however the speaker output from this amp is 165W which i afraid is too big for ESP9. another issue is regarding to the AC input voltage to E9 energizer. can i input the electricity by using 220V wall AC input???
    10. Brian
      $100 for a pair of Symphonys - GREAT DEAL! You did much more than well. You may want to join the Bozak group on Yahoo as the Bozak geek squad hangs out there and they can tell you and help ypu get the most out of them.

      As for me, I was a Bozak dealer back in the good old Bozak days and regretted not buying a pair for myself having chosen multiple sets of KLH Nines instead. Both the Nines and Concert Grands were the first "A" class speakers in Stereophile mag. Some years ago I did pick up a set of 302a speakers and they reacquainted me with that wonderful Bozak sound. Right after my last set of Nines died I was about to buy a set of Klipsch LaScalas (new) when I happened across a set of Symphonys and they've been my main speakers ever since. Interestingly, most of the Bozaks up here I've seen were made in the US while my set were made in Canada and the literature printed here, also. Rudy appears to have kitted the speakers and sent them to Canada.
    11. sansuigirl
      i always appreciate Bozak information - you may not be an enthusiast - but at least you are in the know. i bought a pair of symphonies - for $100 - dude said he had some old Bose speakers to sell me if i would cart them off - i am no BOSE fan - but i was intrigued by the size of the speakers he was describing - i walked up - took one look - crammed a $100 bill in his hand and have been into Bozak ever since.

      just sayin'

      take care
    12. USA Soccer
      USA Soccer
      Thanks for the Guinea Pig info.
    13. trainstamp
      Hello Brian,
      Back on 1-13-2006 you and Whitehall exchanged posts about a Sony STR-6060 with no stereo. I have one of these receivers with the same problem and I want to try swapping tuning coils the same way Whitehall fixed his unit. The problem is that I don't have a layout diagram. Would you have one that you could email to me? I will need this so I can locate L401 and L402 coils. Many thanks. Richard in Vermont
    14. ocvintage
      HI Brian, I have a hk730 being shipped to me and I found a prior posting that you had made about the 730. You mention that "subbing" a preamp can really improve the quality of the 730 sound. I will have mine hooked up to time window 1a speakers and want to add a preamp to do that. You mentioned that you had good luck with a philips preamp...was it similar to a 5721? I have the opportunity to purchase one of those. Also what do you mean by "sub" this is a noobie would I connect these two to be able to take advantage of the tuner in the 730 with the preamp..or is that not possible?
      Thanks Brian
    15. nodiak
    16. seb333
      empire 598 rca connector


      I'm missing the RCA wire on the underside of the 598 tonearm. It has 5 female connectors in a circular pattern with one in the middle. I suppose the middle is ground. Could I trouble you to confirm the +/-, L/R pattern and/or post a link to a photo?

    17. cthayer
      Hello Brian, Chris here again, the guy looking for the Philips AH 787 / 7871 SERVICE manual. I really need it and will pay $ 20 via paypal to get a download so I can get mine fixed. I think you are the only guy on the palnet with one and could sure use your help, Thanks, Chris 813-574-7053
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    Apr 26, 1948 (Age: 70)
    Toronto On Canada
    Retired Retard
    Got into this hobby at about 8, finally crazy enough to own 4 stereo shops. Woke up one day, sold out went back to school becoming a CPA and lawyer.

    Music listening, Photography, Fountain Pens


    Sherwood S9500c amp & S3300 tuner, Koss ESP9, Thorens TD160, ADC XLM III Super, Philips CD150, Wharfedale W70, Tandberg TDC310 Cassette