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Feb 20, 2018 at 6:31 PM
    1. lordgarth
      Hi, I believe I've seen you post on the Mc part of AK, if so , I'm trying to find someone with knowledge of the Mc225. Terry D. is on a 3 month vacation.Please let me know if you are one of the technical guys or perhaps you know of other members on AK, thanks, Kevin.
    2. CruzBay
      Hi Terry, Chris, I imagine you're seeing a budding Engineer with Gregory, some talk I've heard about him getting an oscilloscope to further his self-education. (Sending this to Chris and Terry.)

      I'm local to him, and have loaned a piece of gear his way that turned out to not work.

      He's turned his focus (laser; I've met him!) to my device today (AA2), saying that someone suggested he buy an oscilloscope.

      Question is, what oscilloscope would he need?

      He's out of work at this time, and it's entirely possible that he could afford anything he wants, but his reticence on this purchase might stymie (for a time) his progress.

      I'm thinking of buying him the oscilloscope (anonymously) but I don't want to spend too much.

      $500+- is fine, or tell me to pound sand...
    3. audiofred
      Hello c DK glad there are folks like you here in AudioKarma. Your info will dispel some of the audiophoolery that is out here on the internet. Glad you are willing to share your knowledge about professional theater sound. Looking at your conversation with Tinman, he doesn't want to share "trade secrets"........Fixing a MAC and you can command/extort a lot of cash from an owner, I guess. I really do not think there are that many trade secrets IMOH. I hope your situation was corrected.
    4. c_dk
      What goes around comes around
    5. Tinman
      Hi, yes indeed, I know basically everything about these units. However, I have to service them so I may live in my house, so I am not giving away trade secrets other than caps. I'm sure you understand that.

      But my rates are fair.

    6. Mooger
      I'm in San Antonio. Is the price in the ballpark?
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