Cactus Bob
Oct 10, 2008
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Sep 28, 1956 (Age: 62)
Way Out West!

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Cactus Bob

Desert Rat, Male, 62, from Way Out West!

    1. poppachubby
      Bob, I just saw that Larry Coryell has passed away. I thought of you right away. So sorry, I know you are a huge fan.
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    2. RF2015
      Hi Bob, Thanks for liking my post. I'm not sure how to navigate this site. So, I may have difficulty communicating and posting. I like the Tonny Williams avatar!
      1. Cactus Bob
        Cactus Bob
        Thanks RF, my pleasure. Once you get used to the site it will be very intuitive. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need any tips. I might be able to help.

        Jan 30, 2016
    3. luvmusik
      Thanks for friending, I put in the same request too, not sure if I did it right !
    4. elcoholic
      I guess we officially be friends now! Cool beans.
    5. byoungman1
      Happy birthday~
    6. LordOfTRings
      Hi Bob! :-)

    7. automojo
      If you get a chance take a look at the crossover pics I posted of my new AMT3's Wow, quite a difference. 4 coils (vs 3), 3 caps-2 pairs stacked-one seperate (vs 4) and a total of 12 resistors (vs 4)!!
      I thought breifly about substituing the later type, but the woofers look slightly different, as well as the mids of course, so they probably have different specs, hence the difference in the crossover.
      As you can see, it would be a royal pain to service, I'm going to leave well enough alone-if they fail I'll deal with it then. And not having a schematic for this style-I think I would end up with a bunch of parts, and no working speakers!!
      All I'm going to do is reseal and t-nut the woffers (Midwest Speaker did a so so job), and lengthen the woofer wires, and add a pair of disconnects so they will be easier to remove in the future.
      I bet yours has the same type-something to think about.
    8. automojo
      Does you pair have a fuse by the input terminals as well?
    9. automojo
      Just posted some pics/info of my second pair.
    10. automojo
      By the way, the Alpha 6 looks very like the one on my ESS PS 1220's, same surrond, etc.
    11. automojo
      Just talked to Orange County, they recommend the Alpha 6, like GordonW mentioned (he's a sharp guy!).
      Well see who makes the mid on my second pair, if I can Id, and go from there. They are only $40 ea, so if that's what it takes to get them to sound like my first pair, it's a small price.
      I was ready a few threads that recommend switching the phase of the mid, on mines it's out of phase (I noticed that in the xover rebuild-didn't mess with it). I will try one in and out, and see the difference.
    12. automojo
      I bought the 10" ESS woofers off Ebay. I saw no one had bid on them with a few hours left, and bid $5 and won, actually they cost 99 cents (the minimum) for both.. Around $15 with shipping. I will see what kind of shape they are in, and if they match my current woofers.
      Not sure why I bought them, but I figured they were worth $5. I think they are the alinco type, but not for sure. Hopefully they aren't blown, etc.
      If you happen to come across a pair in the future, and want to go original with your AMT#'s , let me know-these might be avialable.
    13. Royalcrown
      Bob, Thank you for the invite!
    14. pioneervato
      Hey Bob, thanks for the invite. I am privileged.
    15. ess amt
      ess amt
      Hey Grand idea!
      and there are some that are using the Grand Heil for HF drivers with a variety of other drivers.

      My camera arrrived at Pentax in Chandler, Az so we will see how expeditious (is that really a word ?) they are.I ll get some pics to you as soon as it gets back.
    16. Cactus Bob
      Cactus Bob
      Hi Al! Maybe start an Informal ESS Speaker Group. The main attraction is The Great Heil and there were a lot of nice ESS models that used them, Bob
    17. ess amt
      ess amt
      hey bob:
      I m thinking of starting a register of amt3 owners?
      what do you think?
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    Sep 28, 1956 (Age: 62)
    Way Out West!


    "Where's jazz going? I don't know. Maybe it's going to hell. You can't make anything go anywhere. It just happens".

    . . . Thelonious Monk