Dec 26, 2004
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Electronics Technician (semi-retired)

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Marantz Specialist, Male, from Montana


My queue is currently about 18 months, please contact me via PM or email: Tom Jul 17, 2017

    1. catrafter
      My queue is currently about 18 months, please contact me via PM or email: Tom
    2. audiolama
      hey rick ..quick dumb question. I just got the 3800 and 510m. I have it connected with rca to the pre out of the 3800 to the main on the 510, but my speaker cables are connected to the 510m..i have read here and in the manual that you are suppose to connect the speaker wires from the 510m to the 3800 and from the 3800 to the speakers? But Im getting nice sound without doing this..Am I doing this all wrong?
    3. markallen
      Not specifically a Marantz question, though in this case it is in a 2245.

      Getting a steady, high, static-y sounding noise in R ch. Subtle. It's in the preamp section; separate that out, no noise.

      Noisy 2SA493 or 2SC1000 transistor on the P400?

      Question: Is hfe matching a tone board factor, or can I simply replace the transistors? Or might this noise be a something else?


      Bismarck, ND
    4. catrafter
      My queue is currently less than a year, please contact me via PM or email: Tom
    5. catrafter
      Hi All, Please contact me via PM or email, I rarely check visitor messages. Thanks, Tom
    6. catrafter
      Hi All, Please contact me via PM or email, I rarely check visitor messages. Thanks, Tom
    7. kurtgo
      I'd take it for that $100. Let me know what to send and how. PayPal.?
    8. Brutus63
      I have a marantz 2330b that I absolutely love. Nothing is really wrong with it besides some scratchy volume pots and what nots.... Just trying to get an idea about a price ballpark on a complete restore on this monster?
      I know you are super busy and backed up.
    9. Godi
      Hello Catrafter, quick question, I know that deoxit work very well (also very expensive), but I already have a pray can of Nu-Trol control cleaner from MG Chemicals witch also contain lubricating oils, is that a ''good'' substitute for Deoxit ? Thank you, Godi P.S. Tomorrow I will receive a nice Marantz 2235B that I bought localy and no matter how it play/or sound, I'm starting a recap job.
    10. catrafter
      Great! It's nice to know you are enjoying them and that my work is holding up!
      I think of you and your gear whenever I look back through the pictures to see what I did on certain models in the past.

      Take care,
    11. Switchblade
      Hiya Tom! Since it's been a long time since I contacted you I just thought I'd say hi and hope your year is going well so far. From the looks of the posts people have sent or written to you it looks like you will need at least 50 years to catch up on all the requests! It's nice to be loved! Best wishes to you, Tom.

      Gary Stelter/Chicago
      PS- All those restores you did for me just keep on makin' beautiful sounds!
    12. Retrofan
      Tom, thanks for the fast reply and glad you recalled who I was. You are correct in stating I need around 100 WPC. I've been mulling over a few different receivers in the 80 to 120 WPC range, but naturally I'd prefer Marantz if possible. I have an array of receivers and integrateds slaved, all going to the most appropriate sets of speakers and I'd love to eventually add 2 high wattage units to accommodate the 2 pair of JBL 4311's. The 1090 I got from you is hooked up to one pair of JBL's and is fine for now. My other pair of 4311's sit idle. LMK if and when you came across something worth getting. Thanks again Tom......and have a great day. Dave
    13. LPplayer
      Howdy. I just joined AK and besides looking for turntable advice, I have a Model 22 that needs restoration. It starts out sounding like its great old self, then falls into pretty bad distortion after less than an hour. What say you? Also your recommendation for a dead Sherwood S8800, same vintage. Sweet tuner, amp section bad. Paul Bramsen in St. Paul
    14. allhartfidelity
      Catrafter, I dont suppose I could employ you to source me up a rebuild kit for the Marantz 2325? I have difficulty ordering. I realize your time is valuable, and am most willing to compensate. Thank you for your consideration.
    15. jrmitchell72
      Hi, Catrafter. You helped me out a couple years ago and I am hoping that you can do it again! I am having offset issues with my 2245. I cannot get the right channel lower than ~2.34V. Could the trimmer be bad? If so, what are good replacements for R762 and R763.

    16. catrafter
      These are difficult to work on, everything is packed in there. They also have unobtainable dual filter capacitors which have to be replaced with 4 single types if they fail, there are several threads on this, I don't consider this a deal breaker, perhaps they are the source of the hum, perhaps not. These also have an unobtainable toroidal power transformer. If the unit powers up and plays, that should be OK. I would make sure it has the proper fuse in the rear panel to protect the transformer.

    17. maclvrbr
      I trust you are well today. I hope you don't mind the PM. I am going to check out a Marantz 2385. The seller is young handed down from father in law. He states a constant hum and dirty controls , from a smoking environment. Is this a deal breaker?Can you suggests a few critical things to look for that would prevent someone from buying it? I feel good about with the use of this forum finding most issues and resolving them. Certainly don't want to invest in a door stop. Thanks and have a great weekend
    18. Relford
      Hi Catrafter, Relford here!! Just tried to find some information about a Marantz 4230 with a bad SV3 Diode on the Amp board. When I did the initial search for the diode (noted as an SV 3x on the schematic), I got a hit on a post that mentioned that you had previously located a replacement. Could you please enlighten me on where to find such replacement and any pertinent data to aid in my search??

      Thanks, Ken
    19. 4rshome
      Hoping you could help me with this. I had a "diy" moment and i thought i would remove the boards and clean them. I thought it would be a good idea to cut the wires thus leaving the color code attached to the appropiate interface on the board. Lets just say that wasnt the best idea. Any help would be much appreciated.

      I have a 2226b. I need a picture or diagram that identifies what wire (color coded) connects to which board connection.

      For example the white/red wire connects to j715 on main board.
    20. 4rshome
      Hello. I am having some issue with my Marantz 2226b. While researching through posts at (i am new to the site and im already in love) i saw that you had gave some advice to a member. Members speak highly of you and I was hoping to pick your brain. My member name is 4rshome....I have started a couple threads outlining my problems. If you find the time please take a look and let me know what you think. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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