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Oct 28, 2018
Jan 17, 2004
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February 27
RIP 1945-2018

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Number 1 USC Trojan Fan, Male, from RIP 1945-2018

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Oct 28, 2018
    1. CDFixer
      Art Galang Send me a PM I don't look at visitor messages. I can give you quotes via a PM but not in visitor messages. Just click on my name in any post and select private message
    2. SF_art
      Hi, I have a Sansui 8080db and I have read some repairs that you have done with Sansui on AudioKarma forums. I like to know what can be done to make this receiver last and sound better. I am located in San Francisco East bay. Can you give me a contact number and a quote on costs. Thanks, Art
    3. rob755
      Hi, I have a Sansui BA-3000 in need of repair. How do I reach you? Thanks, Rob
    4. newbee123
      Hi There,

      I have old B&K ST-140 that went dead
      Can you pls take a look and give me a quote?
      I live in cypress area
      Pls PM me your number so I can call you
    5. Greer5
      Hello Jim,
      I have a 9090 Dolby board that needs fixed. Someone has done a rewire of the switches and either missed something or the thru holes are giving their typical problems. Would you have the time if I sent it to you?
    6. bassnutt
      Hi,I will have to put it back together I took the boards out including the power supply board which is a pain to give it a look, should I leave apart so you can check it, also I am in no hurry so if you need it awhile thats cool.I can also put it back together thats no problem also since this is my second go round on this amp, it has no output sound at all now.Let me know when your coming and I will bring it to you where you staying.Thanks again.
    7. bassnutt
      Hi I read your posts on a daily basis and know you are very well respected on the boards,I recently came across a Sansui AU717 that was in dire need of repairs.It has been recapped some of the resistors have been replaced and I did your speaker posts mod and it sounded great.I was trying to do some adjustments on the f2722 driver board and it blew some fuses now it keeps blowing fuses and has no sound but comes out of protection with that board not powered up but still has nothing would you like to repair this for me I live in Vegas and can ship it to you as soon as you want no need to rush I have others.Thanks.
    8. Audio Deacon
      Audio Deacon
      Greetings, I am new to AK. I love music and recently began collecting vintage receivers. I recently purchased a Marantz 2245 that powers up but produces no sound either from SPeakers or Headphones. Can you point me in the direction of a reasonable repairman here in the SoCal (LA or OC) area. I'm in Long Beach.
    9. arpee
      hello cd fixer,
      i am trying to fix my 6060 and the power supply pcb is f-2701. i have the f-2648 diagram. i tried searching for the schematic of the 2701 on line and found the thread on 6060 and i'm just hoping if it is not too much for you to please email me the schematic of the F2701. Thank you again . my email : romanopanopio@yahoo.ca
    10. Tom Anderson
      Tom Anderson

      Sorry I lost contact. I had trouble responding on the message page. I mentioned that I was moving out of town and thought it would be a good time to send you my Sansui 7070 for a tune up and general restoration. Then you could ship it to me at the new address. I might have to wait on shipping until my house is in escrow.

      I purchased the 7070 about four years ago and have been happily listening to it since you forwarded it to me, after getting it from my eBay seller. I regularly pull in a station from San Francisco, 120 miles away. Sound quality couldn't be better. I think there is one channel where the sound is a little attenuated, but otherwise it is superb.

      Earlier, you rebuilt the mother board and recapped it. Do you think it's a good idea at this point to go for whatever ground-up rebuilding seems necessary and advisable?

      My email is at tomanderson@pacific.net.

      Many thanks,

      Tom Anderson
    11. iam1080
      Hello. I have a 9090db that I picked up about a year ago. It's in excellent cosmetic condition ( still has the Dolby hang tag ) and is in "decent" working condition. With that said, "decent" is not a standard I choose to live by. I am located in LA and was curious to know if you offer restoration services. Thanks & Best Regards.
    12. jws
      Hi cdfixer !! I have a Sansui 9090DB question for ya. Is it possible to disconnect the infamous Dolby board without adversely affecting the sound quality ? I never use it so it would be no great loss. Mine is on the fritz for about the 4th or 5th time since I've owned it. Lemme know what ya think, it's at my tech's as we speak. Thanks, John in hot Ohio
    13. audiobeer
      I'm looking for someone to go through my 8080DB. It works but I want it working flwlessly. Thanks!
    14. bassnutt
      HI I have read a lot of posts recomending you to fix sansui stuff, I have two that need repair a AU 555A that has distorsion when you turn up the volume, I have already deoxit all the pots an switchs and it has not helped, I also have a 5000x that has the right channel out it blows the fuse for that side even without speakers attached, I live in vegas pretty close if you would like to fix these let me know.Thanks.
    15. Jenkster
      I have been told you are THE MAN whien it comes to fixing old Sansui receivers. I have a 9090DB with a dead left channel and broken mic input. It belonged to my uncle who gave it to me after he had some local guy try to fix it with very poor results. If you are willing to fix it, what would you charge to bring it back to it's old glory? I live in Northern CA so shipping shouldn't be too much.
      Thank you very much,
    16. Tom Anderson
      Tom Anderson
      Hi Jim,

      I have a puzzling situation with the FM signal I get from San Francisco. .
      It has started cutting out, apparently when the signal wanders owing to weather conditions. If I shift the tuning manually, I can pick up the signal again. Otherwise it stays off. I have FM muting off so I can get the signal at all, and for much of the time it just registers on the signal strength meter, at best it's never a "1." But the sound is fine as long as something is coming in.
      Any idea what's causing the drop out? Is there a way to fix it?
      I posted a query but so far no answers.

      Thanks very much,

      Tom Anderson
    17. gary53
      Thanks for the info. on the speaker hum from the Sansui 771. I will give your suggestions a try some time this week. Gary53.
    18. Iusnas-0009G
      Hello, Have a ? G8000 ? Posted a thread to report Symtom of hiss . Hiss only ! No sound and no volume adj. Have you any leads? Component suspect? Thank You
    19. NeilT
      Hi Jim,

      My AU-919 seller in Florida has sent a FedEx tracking number:


      It's a bit early yet to track - it will show up online later.

      Keeping my fingers crossed - this is the scary part trusting someone's packing - hoping they know how to do it OK.

      As I mentioned you'll need to sign for it.

      - Neil Taylor.
      Sydney Australia.
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