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chef free
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Dec 30, 2007
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Oakland! What?!

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chef free

AK Subscriber, from Oakland! What?!


Another beautiful day in audio paradise! Aug 15, 2016

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    1. chef free
      chef free
      Another beautiful day in audio paradise!
    2. chef free
      chef free
      I have a C30 I got from a fellow AK'er. I wouldn't recommend one though because they are normally way over priced since they were only made for two years and therefore "collectible". I guess no one would buy them because they didn't have a remote. The classic pre amp with a 2505 is the C26. C28's have issues with the volume control. The Mac pre amp is such an upgrade! First I got a MC2200 and I liked it, then I had it recapped and it sounded a little louder, maybe 3dB. But when I got a Mac pre I was BLOWN AWAY! When I had it recapped it was even better!
      I listen to a lot of classic rock, Zeppelin, Allmans, Dead, Jimi, etc., lots of '70s progressive rock too, Yes, Rush, King Crimson, Genesis, etc. I like it loud too, 85-90dB.
    3. Designdweeb
      Hi! Thinking about a preamp for my Mc 2505. What's the rest of your system? How big of a room, and what type of music is your taste? Thanks, Adam
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    Oakland! What?!


    Frank Zappa was my Elvis. -Matt Groening
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