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Dec 4, 2008
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The Big Valley, CA

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Lunatic Member, from The Big Valley, CA

Tweet! Oct 5, 2015

    1. chicks
    2. Twanx
      Contaflex for $5 huh? I know I got mine for under $20. They're great and reliable cameras.

      If you take a liking to it the lenses are very high quality and fairly inexpensive in this mount. Contaflex-A mount IIRC.
    3. Binkman
      Hi Chicks...Binkman here (jeff) Do you work on sony's? I have an str-333es thats driving me bonkers. I got the power supply settled down and prior to that got the idle current set. I'm back to the main board to figure out why this keeps kicking the B+/- voltage down /protect circuit. manual says 59v from the PS but I'm getting 50.8v ish (I think that is normal as aside from the specs because it ran after some initial solder fixes.) when it kicks into P mode it drops to 38.8v . I'm missing something because this v drop is intermittent. I'll go back and check the circuits again (all re-soldered and grounds look good, rebuilt the main board p.s. all good.) Maybe you have some insight on this protection mode. thanks. If you don't want to bother I understand.
    4. LordOfTRings
    5. xn7bbq
      lol that's too bad. i have the matching cd player and it would have been nice to make it a set :(
    6. xn7bbq
      hey if you ever want to get rid of the aiwa amp and preamp you posted about in 2010.. let me know :) i'm california too.
    7. satkinsn
      Chicks -

      Saw you over on DIY Audio with the 'toaster.' Will you post here when it's done?


    8. RogerKulp
      Love the plinth on your JVC table.How might I get a similar one for my TD-135?
    9. Rangefinder
      You indicate that you are a ET. Since you are in my same general area. Since we may have crossed paths. Where might I ask have you played your trade? Love what you have done for your sys. Jim
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