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    1. bigtigga
      im new to this but i was wondering if you could help me find out what kind of receiver my dad used to have. im tryin to find one to buy but i have no clue what kind he used to have. all i have is a pic that i can show you. any info would be appreciated
    2. 'cisco
    3. Dancing Bear
      Dancing Bear
      I am a little hard headed. I guess you are letting the ca200 do the work of the McIntosh Pre-amp / amp. That was a hell of a write up on the link I found. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue32/cj_ca200.htm Did you have a MC252? What was the Pre-amp? C2300. Looks like a Monster power conditioner (bottom right). What is the angled unit, a music server? How about the other source looking component top left. DB
    4. Dancing Bear
      Dancing Bear
      It pleases me to know that I haven't destroyed all my brain cells. Anyway, I am glad you have been able to make improvements to your setup. I am sure it sounds very nice. You make it difficult to follow the audiopath. I'll stick around for the unveiling. It looks like I might not rate with Audio Aficionado. I am being reviewed to determine my worthiness. I will read more on your Conrad Johnson in the meantime. DB
    5. 'cisco
      DB....that you did.... and I updated a pic of my system as it stands today.
    6. Dancing Bear
      Dancing Bear
      Well Cisco,
      After stumbling across a Duette / McIntosh equipment photo on the internet. I realized that I brought your Duettes to your place with my truck helping out one day. I see there is a parallel audio forum to "Audio Karma" called "Audio Aficionado". Even though I am not a member, I found a series of posts associated with your system under 1K. Anyway, I hope I have not had one too many beers in life and am imagining all this. Oh Yeah, I was out for milkshakes during the setup. If I can't attach the photo with this message I will post it under the McIntosh Audio forum on Audiokarma entitled " Mystery System" so you can see it. DB
    7. Dancing Bear
      Dancing Bear
      When you consider Hawaii & Wilson undoubtly you are right. I get back to Honolulu on the 18th. I'll be at the shop some late Fri. & Sat. the 19th & 20th. Come by for some california IPA's. DB
    8. lacy2011
      Attention news flash youtube videos everyone must see oblivionboutmymillions please comment
    9. Jailtime
      Hi 'cisco, been a while!
    10. batman
      Hello Cisco, Which Marantz receiver is that?
    11. onepixel
      Hey 'cisco, thanks for the offer of friendship!
    12. jimdandy
      Hello cisco -- I'm pondering sending my Marantz 2245 to catrafter for restoring. I take it you were happy with the process? I've seen the finished photos and it looked like it turned out well?

      Mind if I ask what it cost to ship the receiver? I'm trying to figure out if it's in my budget. I'd love to get my 2245 working properly. Thanks much.
    13. 'cisco
      Good question Dan...I will still rotate the Marantz receivers around using one tuner then the other. One thing I do miss when I use the Marantz...the remote and the digital display. I just may do what feels right at the moment and right now it's the Blue Meters bouncing!
    14. jdandy
      How's the tuner hook up working? Are you going to leave the McItosh system hooked up now that you have a tuner?
    15. jdandy
      Here's a handshake good ///! Thanks for the friendship.
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