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Mc Intosh ,Quad, Yamaha repair

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all on YAMAHA untill 1990, from France

hello bill where are you ? I have questions to ask you . Can you e-mail me : thanks PATRICE Feb 21, 2017

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    1. Addict1337
    2. clinic-audio
      hello bill where are you ? I have questions to ask you . Can you e-mail me : thanks PATRICE
    3. billqs
      Hi! I have a pair of STAX 007 mk2 that have channel imbalance with the right channel lower than the left. Do you any ideas toward fixing, or what would you charge if you could help?

      Thanks! Bill Street
    4. clinic-audio
      Hello , I think (I have to watch in my stock) yes , brand new never used and pinch roller , record switch too .PATRICE
    5. acattanach
      HI Patrice, Have you heads for a Yamaha TC511S Cassette Deck?
    6. rickcl
      Sounds great Patrice.
    7. clinic-audio
      Sorry , get the answer too late . Will call tomorow, sunday ! PATRICE
    8. rickcl
      Thank you Patrice. 1 408 334 5735
    9. clinic-audio
      Hello Rick , yes , I can help you , your tel number with country code Talk to you very soon . PATRICE. cliniqueaudio at orange dot fr
      1. rickcl
        Patrice is your email ?
        Nov 27, 2016
    10. rickcl
      Patrice I was told you might be able to help me. I recently came into a Yamaha CA-RI integrated amplifier. 100 volt model. I have a reducer transformer but cant get the protect relay to click. I think it might be dc offset on the output. Would you happen to have this service manual? I have the CA810 manual and I am trying to transpose.
      Thank you very much, Rick
    11. clinic-audio
      hello dsc5 , I have your e-mail address but every message I send is rejected send me your tel number in e-mail I receive them well
    12. clinic-audio
      hello Dsc5 , I sent you an e-mail and come back to me rejected . Can you confirm me your direct e-mail address , please ?
    13. dsc5
      Hi Clinic , I am dsc5 (Don) and am restoring two B-1's and would love to get 2 of your 15000uF capacitor kits.....Please let me know how I can purchase from you my friend, Thanks Don
    14. Robbie4477
      Hello i am having big problems with my 2200 and i think its the trnasistoer plasment in Tr110, 113, 114, i manage to find 673. and 1213a but i remember the originals were backwards
      can you please please adviise me i tryed 3 times and boom it blows i follow the schematic placement thank you Robert
    15. verde57
      The costs for shipping would be too high, thx.
    16. gkus
      Hi, thanks for your reply. However, I'm not sure what do you mean by saying "send me PM"?. I'm after schematics for Luxman M-4000A. Can you help me?
      1. clinic-audio
        you can send me your message to thank you
        Mar 1, 2016
    17. depotdave
      Hi Depot Dave here!
      Subject: Yamaha B-1 Power Amplifier Main 15,000 MFD main Caps
      I was lead to you from VINT AGE about a Main Capacitor board you made for the Yamaha B-1.
      I am look for something to replace factory (2) Dual Cap stock set up. Can you provide me with any information?

      Thanks Dave
    18. SamIam_HuRU
      I have worshipped my Stax SR-Lambdas since I bought them with an SRD7 used in 1982. They still sound fantastic at moderate levels, but at loud volumes with subsonic media, the right side makes a fluttering sound coinciding with the deepest base. They also are not capable of the same volumes they used to be able to produce. StaxUSA/Yamas says that they no longer service 230v Stax. Can I hire you to bring both drivers up to original condition? If not, please refer a company or individual who can.
      A thousand thank you's!
      Sam Bryant
      San Diego, California, USA.
    19. bktheking
      Patrice , activity today- no email , no PM. I'm leaning on the side that after communications since April you have no desire to sell me the knobs for my gear? I thought it was pretty cut and dry but obviously I was mistaken.
    20. bktheking
      So, any updates for me Patrice?

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    Mc Intosh ,Quad, Yamaha repair
    Like to repair high quality hifi stuff



    3 B1,1 C1, 2 UC1,2 B2,3 C2A,1 C2 silver,1 CT7000 , 1 T2 Black,1 T2 Silver ,2 CR3020,2 CR2020,2 PX2 ,3 K960 S & B, 3 K850,1 TC1000 B & S, 1 CA1000II.