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Feb 3, 2018
Mar 18, 2006
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Nov 3, 1959 (Age: 59)
Norman, OK
Graphic Designer/Copywriter/Photographer

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It's all about the tunes., 59, from Norman, OK

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Feb 3, 2018
    1. Gohan
      Happy New Year!!
    2. epifanatic
      Hope you're doing O.K., havent seen you on the forum lately. Take care.
    3. epifanatic
      Love your avatar.... great to see a fellow Husker fan, especially in Oklahoma. GO BIG RED!!!
    4. cmk59
      Sorry it's taken so long to reply, Gohan...with heart trouble, I've been spending a lot of time in the hospital lately. I'm otherwise ok. How about you? Got any speakers you'd like to trade that I might like? Stats, ribbons, hybrids, etc?
    5. Gohan
      How are you doing?
    6. jonman
      I do have pioneer stuff here, I have a PL-L30 tt, GR 860 EQ, 3x-9000 dynamc expander, TX-1060 tuner CTW 3000 Daul Cassette, DT-560 Timer, RC-760 Remote Center, PD-5010 Single CDP, and a six disc cartridge CDP that is our of my view and I Can' see the model numbers. I recently gave away a set of CS -911's. My main receivers are Marantz 2265B and a Sansui 551. I also have a Philips 667 direct control TT , Teac W-R700R Dual Cassette, and an RCA Dual player record CD player. Speaker wise I have a set of Marantz imperial 5's and set of Allied 3000's.
    7. Redikilowatt
      Hi Chuck,
      Thanks for the invitation. I certainly need all the friends I can get (lol).
      Although I've picked up a couple of Yamaha receivers recently, I'll never part with the Pioneer SX-750 and CT-F500 purchased new in the late 70s . . . both still look and sound great.

      Graphic design, eh!
      I was prepress manager at UNC-Chapel Hill when I retired.

      Cheers and thanks for helping fuel the addiction,
      Roger (aka Redikilowatt)
    8. pioneernut
      Hey Chuck,
      Haven myself a relaxing Friday night. Managed to finally get the chance to listen to a handful of albums I got from the Salvation Army earlier this week. Man, I snag some cherry's. Who ever had these took excellent care, had discwasher sleeves, no dust, no scratches, mint. Probably worth 10 ~ 20 bucks a piece at a used dealer.

      I picked up
      Joe Jackson Night and Day
      Steve Winwood - Arc of a Diver
      Kansas - Vinyl Confessions
      Bad Company - Run with the Pack
      Styx - Paradise
      Simon and Garfunkel - Concert in Central Park
      REO Speedwagon - A decade of Rock and Roll 1970 - 1980

      Its a good night :)
      - Mike
    9. pioneernut
      It get a kick out the collection habits by many of us in Audio. I love cars, gotta 76' Ford Elite I wanna restore some day, plus I collect model trains. Have tons of fun with R/C cars and trucks with my son, the wrong thing to do is bring me into a hobby store... I just don't wanna leave. Plus I used to love building model cars until the daily grind of life took up to much of my time.
      oh cmk59, I found it funny you got a car with tan exterior with green interior. Is your green Interior fine corethian leather(aka vinyl) I almost got stuck with a 77 Grenada with Metalic Green exterior, and get this, Metalic Green vinyl interior. It smelled like an old hotel room inside and looked about as frightning. All it needed was shag carpeting
    10. pioneervato
      Hey cmk59, thanks for the invite. Gotta love the Pioneer gear!
    11. cmk59
      Don't guess you COULD go wrong, could ya? ... I'm just an equipment junkie, I guess. I bought the SPEC-1 / -4 in '79 and have always loved 'em. Got an SX-636 in my garage, though...L O V E it, but my main setup is the big one.

      Going to have my -1 and -4 resto'd by another trusted Pioneer nut (a lot simply because I'm betting EchoWars has and keeps a full plate with all of the Pioneer lovers out here who need his services!)

      When I get'em back, I'm going to mate the -4 to my Carver Amazing Platinums as I look for a second good -4 for the rear channel speakers (which I hope will either be a set of HPM-60s or better yet a pair of Carver ALSlll's), with my Spectro Acoustics 202 powering the center channel for surround sound (gotta love powered subs!).'s a matter of finding/affording the second SPEC-4 and speakers...then finding an HT/SS decoder (like one of the Pioneer Elite models?) that I could cobble into the system...if I can find a good deal or someone who'll swap me for the equipment I've got to trade!

      Love to see a few pics of your Impala some time. If you want to send 'em to, I'll send you some of my ride...not that I can drive it much at $4+ a gallon...yeesh....It's either gas or my stereo...what a choice!?!?!?!!!
    12. DENNYDOG
      Yeah I served for only for years from 88 to 92 at Holloman AFB, NM working as a crew chief and hydro mechanic on F-15's in the 9th TFW. I look back now and think, damb that was a lot of fun! Hard to believe they let us work on that kind of stuff at that young of an age.
      I bought my Impala when I was in New Mexico. It sports a 327 with factory air and power windows. I added some S/S Cragars way back when. Now I just need to find the time to paint it.
      Maybe someday I will find some Spec Series stuff but am pretty happy with my Pioneer collection I have right now. How can you go wrong with a EchoWars restored SX-1250?
    13. cmk59
      Cool! I still have a bucketful (ok, in display cases) of my old Hot Wheels Redlines and Matchbox cars (all pre-1973). Eventually, my '68 will have a metallic green exterior to match its interior (whomever at GM that said tan was a good exterior color with a green interior was smokin' crack!) and a set of Cragar S/S wheels shod with Coker redline tires to match my Hot Wheels collection! Well, someday I hope! Inviting you was rather a no-brainer given the Pioneer connection, and I'm more sure of it now! When did you serve? I was '77-'90...started in Charleston (437 FMS), wound up VCNCO for 31st Combat Comm. Sq. at Tinker when I was medicalled out.

      About your Pioneer it just me, or does it seem the SPEC amps are a bit overpriced? I remember paying $280 for my SPEC-4 at the Audio Hobby Shop at RAF Upper Heyford in '79, and just $260 apiece for my SPEC-1 and each of my HPM-1100's! Now, the -4 goes for $400+...makes is doggone hard to try to add a second one to power rear speakers!

      Back at'cha!
    14. DENNYDOG
      Hey thanks for inviting me. Looks like we have a bunch of things in common. I served in the USAF, collect Hot Wheels or used to anyway and have a 64 Impala SS.

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    Nov 3, 1959 (Age: 59)
    Norman, OK
    Graphic Designer/Copywriter/Photographer
    USAF vet; writer/graphic designer/photographer; love to read and listen to good music and collect all KINDS of things!

    Collecting Pioneer Silver Series Components, Petroliana, old Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars; my '68 Impala; antiquing; listening to music and reading.


    "Decadence is freedom with a smile." --Penn Jillette
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