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Nov 16, 2017
Dec 12, 2007
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San Mateo County Coastside, CA

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Curmudgeon, Male, from San Mateo County Coastside, CA

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Nov 16, 2017
    1. slackie911
      Hey Coastsider,
      I just picked up a pair of infinitesimal 0.1s and was wondering what you use to drive yours? I want to get an integrated amp/receiver due to aesthetics and am looking at some old 1970s receivers. Cheers
      1. Coastsider
        I drive my 0.1's with the odd combination of a Carver C-1 preamp and Soundcraftsmen MA5002 amp. The Soundcraftsmen is serious overkill for the Infinitesimals and is used more as a matter of convenience than necessity. Anything from 70 to 100 WPC should provide outstanding results from your 0.1's. Something from the 1980's Sony STR-GX receiver series - an STR-GX9ES or STR-GX10ES would do quite well.
        Nov 10, 2016
    2. koogar519
      Hi could you set aside 2 of these for my 2.5's? Thanks. I am in the same predicament.
    3. ASVJerry
      Hello, Coastsider. I've been posting @ DIY Walsh speakers about my attempts to 'repurpose' some drivers into Walsh-style units with some success. It was suggested to me to look over the Infinity Walsh repair posts, perhaps to glean some insight towards my quest. Viola', your name appeared, and you certainly seemed in 2012 to have a handful of them in hand.
      If you don't mind, can you 'mic' the thickness of the cone material? Is it aluminum, or plastic as has been mentioned appearing on some of them? Is the center post attached to the voice coil, or is it simply rigidly attached to the center within the vc? Any thoughts on these units would be appreciated and digested *G*.
      Regards, ASVJerry (aka Jerry, Asheville NC)
    4. Squirrely
      Hay Coastsider,

      San Mateo County? Coastside? I used to live on Dolores St. in Half Moon Bay. I love that area. I am now in Poulsbo Washington. If I where to move back to California I would consider Half Moon Bay again. I loved it there.

      Happy New Year!
    5. beathead
      Hi Coastsider,

      I hope I am not being too forward but from your location I am wondering if we have communicated before regarding RS 1.5's. If so, nice to see you here.

    6. captaingamez
      Hey man, I was just reading your response on the thread, so I went to do that and found someone had already reversed the top one, is that good to go or should I switch it back, and then switch the bottom one?
    7. a4000
      I'm trying to hook up the sp4002 to a KC-208 (Kenwood Amp). The KC 208 amp has only two jacks (L&R) output. where would I hook up the the amp jacks on the SP4002. I've tried Loop 1 and 2 outputs and still have no volume control. The tuner just plays loud music!!!. Do you think the Kenwood KC-208 is incompatable with the Soundcraftsmen SP4002? If so, any idea what what amp I need to buy? Thanks Coastsider. Al
    8. mosfet2
      Hi I'm a owner of sae mark 1b i need to replace the on/off bulb but i don't know the exact type...can you help me please? Have you a copy of service manual? In the net i send some request for buy this sm but nobody answer to me! Please if you can send me the service manual or diagram i will be happy. Thanks and greeting from Italy.
    9. marantzroom
      I have a pair of QLS 1's and I lew four mid domes.. Any idea where to get some??
      Thank you.
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