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Jul 24, 2017 at 12:19 PM
Apr 18, 2010
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Central Jersey

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AK Subscriber, from Central Jersey

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Jul 24, 2017 at 12:19 PM
    1. skillace
      Hi Joe, how's your Marantz 1250 after the rebuild?
      It's been long since I touched mine after a power supply board recap.
      Now, want to restart and do the rest.
      Do you have a complete parts list with you, the final one?
    2. GDRichey
      Joe do you have the recap parts list you did on your Luxman C-02.
    3. Vinylcafe
      This is unreal and great!
      Thanks SO much.
      Very interested!
      Any way I can just get the antenna, to save postage?
      Paypal is no problem.
      I also have an address in Point Roberts, WA, if that is easier.
      Let me know what you are looking for it.
    4. Scotteboy
      Hi , I saw you had a onkyo M 504 recapped and wondered how it went. I have repaired many amps and installed nichicon 10,000uf 80v caps and it blew the Q435. any suggestions or thoughts? It was working fine and even came up briefly.
    5. Lioh
      Do you have Skype, or an instant messenger that we can use? I don't mean "face-to-face", but something where we can communicate of a quicker basis. Since you've done this, it shouldn't be necessary to have other people help me, right? I've got so many questions, and it would help me out so much.
    6. Lioh
      Hi! I sent you a PM. Did you get it? Thanks!
    7. mikte15
      Greetings CohibaJoe! I've been looking for a manual for a Luxman L450 integrated amp that I'm rehabbing and I found a post that suggested you may have one. Do you have an electronic version you could send?

      Best Regards,
    8. TR6man98
      Love the avatar but Winston was smoking Churchill’s, right? Cohibas came later, made for Fidel.:)
      Good luck.
    9. Patalohas
      Hi Joe, I am wondering how your Harman Kardon 730 recap went. I am about to recap my 730 and was looking for values on the main filter capacitors. I wanted to go larger for more headroom, but am not sure if 6800uf or 8200uf will be overkill going up from stock 4700uf. Any chance that the oversizing will hurt anything?

      Thanks, Pat.
    10. garagejazz
      Do you have a parts list for you MAC 4100? thanks
    11. vintageboy
      I saw you mentioned you have sx-1050 parts, do you have the volume knob for it? Thanks
    12. DC
      LOVE the avatar ...
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    PrimaLuna: DiaLogue Premium HP Integ Scott: LK-72B, LT-110B Luxman: L-100U, R117, M-2000, C02 Pioneer: SPEC 1, SPEC 4, CT-F1250, RT-909, PL-630,SG-9500 Sony: GX10ES, XDR-F1HD (PunkerX) Marantz: 2230,1060 Pro-Ject: Debut Carbon Esprit SB Vandersteen: Model 2Ce Monitor Audio: Silver RS6