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Sep 28, 2003
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Nov 25, 1951 (Age: 67)
North Texas
restore & custom build speakers

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Now Off The Reservation....., Male, 67, from North Texas


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    1. dc270
    2. AtMost12
    3. LAB3
      DC do you still replace surrounds for Cerwin vega Red Ring 15" woofers? I haven't talked to you in ages. I upgraded big time with income tax refund and purchased NAD pre/amp and amp and went to MC cart for my TT.

      I was going to take them to that shop in Dallas but I remembered you worked on woofers. Let me know if you still do this and a guess on parts and labor if I bring the woofers to you.
    4. dc270
      Yellow Cones on Infinity RS3b
    5. Tatigata
      Hey DC I as well would like to ask for a Velodyne Series II schematic - don't want to delve into repairs without such, your help is appreciated!
    6. Mattdude0
      I need a schematic for my Velodyne ULD-15 Series II Subwoofer System
      Hey, my address is

      38 hedgeview Dr.
      Fredericton NB.

      Let me know how much and I can email it or PayPal

      Thanks Dan
    8. dc270
      Infinity RS 4000
    9. djnagle
      Hey Doug. How far are you from Houston??? I am flying there middle of Jan. to interview with Royal Dutch Shell (Shell Oil). Will we be neighbor's? Dennis?
    10. dc270
      Now off The Reservation
    11. whopintp
      I followed your "franken-speaker on the Micron 421's & wanted to ask if The tweeters that come W/it would be good enough or do I need the tweeters.
    12. bigbargain
      Hi Doug. In post 7 of this thread http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=600719 you mention you have the horn mids for EV Maquis speakers. 8HD I think.

      If you still do, I might be interested as I just acquired some really nice walnut cabs, and had the SP12b + T35 + Sentry I crossover (uses the same drivers in a different cab). It would be very nice if I could take them to the next level.

      And just in case... I do have some Jensen RP-201 Mid horns too, but had targeted a different plan for them. But if folks feel strongly about it, I could relegate them to the Marquis. Would need to do some creative x-over work in that case. Whereas the 3 Marquis design work is done, and I would simply follow the EV recipe.
    13. paulyaya
      Hi Doug, (guess here) My name is Paul Davis and thank you so much for letting me take some of your time and hopefully you can help me, I'm the proud owner of a pair of customized Dahlquist DQ-20s and I also run them with a Velodyne ULD 15 series 2 (bet you can tell where I'm going here) I am in dire need of a set of schematics for the ULD as I think it's time to change out the caps in the power supply and this time around I think I will tackle it myself, I sent it back to Velodyne for repair just prior to them stopping support but it's doing that cut out distortion only at loud volumes or when turned up past 1/4 on the unit... it's not dead yet but I don't want to let it self destruct, I looked at sandmans site and was hoping to find something a little more clear or if you are one and the same then I already have them. Thank you again for your time and expertise, Paul Davis (paulyaya) paulyaya@bendcable.com
    14. The Chief
      The Chief
      Doug...are you the fella that had the AD5060/DQ8's on Ebay today? If so, I just purchased them....

    15. cmayo
      Sorry to barge into your inbox, but I'm from Arlington, and another member (Michael/tomlinmgt) suggested I ping you about re-foaming and re-capping a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10's I just picked up.

      I didn't really have a budget for the speakers and certainly don't have the budget for professional work, but on the other hand, I don't have to do them right away and depending on the cost of getting them done I might be better off in the long run by not taking a chance on messing them up with DIY labor.

      Can you tell me what it would run me to have them done in your shop? I need surrounds on the woofers and I'd like to have the crossovers recapped. I don't want to spring for premium hardware this time around... just basic electronics.

      And neither of the piezos are sounding. I jumped them over to the dome tweeters for a moment and both the drivers work, I'm hoping the recap will restore them to working order.


      Chuck Mayo
    16. Raretracks

      I read that one AK member said that you did some upgrades in a pair of AR-9 speakers!

      If that is truth, could you do it again? sell the parts? have any part list?

      PLEASE, let me know!


      Asheboro, NC
    17. karmen
      two years ago you wrote a piece about your koss m80 plus speakers. if your still have them with the double role surrounds from M Sound, can you tell me this inside diameter of these surrounds and the outside diameter of the cone. Msound would not help me when i stated that i wanted
      the double roll surrounds for the M80 plus. they wanted dimensions.thank you
    18. tygr
      Hi Bud,

      Are we still on for the donut mids? If so can you take PayPal? Let me know how you want to proceed.

    19. kray
      Aloha. Thanks for the kind/supporting words on my CD player listing.
    20. Me Tarzan
      Me Tarzan
      Hey it's Ron from over in West Bend. Just saying hello and hope to meet you soon.
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    Nov 25, 1951 (Age: 67)
    North Texas
    restore & custom build speakers
    28 yr. Married, Grand Father

    speakers, JBL, Altec vintage 70's, custom design work


    DBX DX5 CD, Custom 22 driver Line Array speaker system. Heathkit AA1800, AP 1800, Aj 1600 amp/preamp/ tuner, Technics SE A7, SE A8 Pre, ST S8 Tuna, Marantz Custom LD30 monitors.
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