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Fisher SA-100 Clone, from Ball Ground, GA


Absolutely! Thanks for spotting that -- it's been corrected. Dave Apr 27, 2017

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    1. beemerbob
      Good morning
      my name is Bob i live in Vancouver wa. and see we are neighbors
      and was wondering if you could recommend a tube tec in the area
      to do some work on my Fisher 101 st
      TKS Bob B
    2. ReggieD
      Hi Dave, I'm enjoying my SA-300 connected to Triton 7 speakers. But I don't get vertical imaging, the voice stays about 3' from the floor. Is this normal? Tweaks? Tubes? Thanks!
    3. 8xlaxx
      Hi Dave- Recently secured (2) W5M amps w/ different OPTs along w/ matching P2 pres and want to restore it all. Sent you a PM to get your thoughts. Suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you!
    4. Regnal
      Hi Dave, many thanks for helping out with my Fisher x-101-d amp !
      Is there anything that you would replace or upgrade without any doubt or question ?
      Grid resistors, coupling caps etc. ? Also, the tone control is pretty ineffective and I wonder whether those
      ECC83 tubes are responsible for that issue ?
      Thanks, klaus
    5. kohngallery
      Hi Dave, I've been reading your expertise on HF-60s mods. Is that something you do for other Eico owners, or who would you recommend to execute your modification? Thanks, Michael
    6. Vintagedave
      Hi, I have a 299 with a different circuit than the one you were helping with in an earlier thread. Mine is like the Drawing No.D-299-CI,1958. 7189 power tubes and 6BL8 phase inverters. It has one bias pot on the back apron. It has one DC bal pot and one AC bal pot for each channel.Could you explain or point me to a link that explains how to make the
      adjustments regarding these pots.Thank you.Dave
    7. MasterHiFi
      Just found it. Like my mother always used to say: "Look with your eyes, not with your mouth." Wise woman. Going to read through the 27 pages of your thread now. Infinite gratitude, and please ignore my idiocy. I haven't gotten that far in yet, but I do hope you did some good A/B listening tests... One person said he preferred it to the Marantz 8B and Citation II !!

      Many Thanks,
    8. MasterHiFi
      Hi Dave, you are a legend in vint. audio circles. I feel very privileged to write you.

      I’m not abrupt but only have 420 characters - I’m inq. abt a thread from 2013 re: Bogen MO-A series amps. You did a restore on a 200A w/8417s, & taking meas. of the unit. Could you post your findings AND impressions? Many would be very grateful. Certain your time is very valuable- any help is NOT taken for granted.

    9. MrAqua
      Old thread, but a question. On my 8601-20 Maggi, Pins 3&4 of the 6EU7 are soldered together. I see no other posts about this. Should this remain?
    10. beathunters
      hi dave. opportunity to get a nice kx90 in woodcase. will be serviced by pro. do you know if primary can be switched to 230v? thanks for your input-phil
    11. ORP4
      Hey Mr. Gillespie...I recently bought a Fisher FM 200B that I'm gonna recap and i would like to have it aligned and tweaked by someone who really knows what they are doing..I asked Larry Derouin and he said thats you.
      Would you be willing to help me and about how much would cost? Thanks!

    12. dcgillespie
      Absolutely! Thanks for spotting that -- it's been corrected. Dave
    13. PakProtector
      Dave, on the W2 write up, first page, last post...you get into dissipation, and list P+S at 25.2 mA. Suspecting you meant Watts...:)
    14. Patrice B
      Patrice B
      Sorry Dave,

      It's Patrice, I thought "conversations" were the original P.M....
    15. dcgillespie
      Hi Mike -- If you will, please contact me via regular PM to discuss. Message size is very limited with profile posts. Dave
    16. mldabinga
      Hi Dave, Several AK members recommended you as a person (wizard, guru, etc.!) that could restore a Fisher X-202-B amplifier back to life....would you have time in the near future to take a look? I live in Warner Robins and travel to North GA several times a year....so I could bring it to you. Please advise, thanks! Mike
    17. ogie
      Hi Dave
      How can I contact via pm.... I can't find it listed here anywhere. User error I'm sure.

      Thanks- Doug
    18. streetwise
    19. Moman
      Hi - I have my 1962 Fisher Futura III RE: the front pilot light on the bottom front of the cabinet. Released the pilot light's yellow/black wires from underneath the cab - there's a recess the black tube that holds the #47 fits in - was there an outer light bezel? Does the #47 bulb remove from the tube. Tube rotates 360 on the base - did I damage the bulb's connection when I tried to remove? Thanks, Mo
    20. Moman
      Hello All, New to the forum - have a 1962 Fisher Futura III stereo 660 amp/480 tuner with mpx 70. Won't power up. The 3 amp fuse on the amp appears blown. I realize something caused the fuse to blow. DCGillespie, The console is located in rural Georgia at my parents, can't locate anyone qualified to look at it. I've removed the 3 units, cleaned the tubes pins/wring - nothing. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Mo
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