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September 23
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metal fabrication

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Sep 25, 2015
    1. tobyj17
    2. Dozycone772
      Hi there,
      I'm looking to buy a copy of Disturbed's Indestructible LP to have professionally framed, but unfortunately I live in New Zealand and as such would have to get one shipped from America without having seen the actual goods. I've been combing the web for pictures of the vinyl itself, and came across your photo of the packaged vinyl before opening.
      If it's not too much bother, would you possibly be able to give me a quick description of the center label? I'd hate to get one shipped all the way to me, only to find that the center label was unappealing enough to stop me from framing it. I only ask as I can't find any images ANYWHERE of the vinyl itself, and I'm worried after seeing the center label on their 7" Indestructible EP, which to me looks cheap and nasty:$T2eC16hHJHoE9n3KhWGtBRUElKsQRQ~~60_12.JPG

      Thanks for your help
    3. scottyh777

      Was just reading a old post of yours.Do you still have the Pioneer PLC-590?And did you make that armboard yourself for the PA-5000?I have two PLC 590 here and I have a chance to get a PA-5000 Any chance I can pay you to make me that armboard?

      The armboard I made turned out very nice.
    4. thedelihaus
      Hey Denny,

      Hope all is well. Just catching up with PMs and notes now (work and other priorities). Feel free to give me a ring this week.
    5. jhaan92
      Been awhile since I've chatted with you. Dad and I restored a set Ohm's, thought you might want to check out the thread. It's in the Speaker forum, or you can just look through all of the threads I've created and find it pretty quickly.

      BTW, I lost my phone awhile back and don't have your cell number, so if you want to send it in a PM, that would be awesome!

      Hope you enjoy the thread!
    6. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      Denny, maybe you could do a pony express? I'd suggest you try to find an AKer to haul it? Where are you located? thanks, Ed
    7. electronjohn
      Hey, Denny! Thanks for the headsup about Steve Miller! Unfortunately I have to work til 11PM that nite & there's no way I can change it. If ya go...have fun!!
    8. elgato8905
      No man it unfortunately it wasn't me. Supposedly I was second in line so I'm assuming the first guy got it but I'm not sure. I would have loved to have bought it, but maybe it's for the best that I didn't. My dog had to take a major trip to the vet yesterday and you probably know what that means (-$$$$$$$$$$$$). Anyway man, I hope you're having a great week and I really hope you were able to put that Heil to use! -G-
    9. whoaru99
      Hey apologies for what probably seems like I blew you off. Not the case at all. I just sorta figured out how this conversation thing works. Yeah...I'm embarassed...

      I'd really like to get together for a ride when we get back to spring!

    10. jhaan92
      Don't forget to call me, eh Denny?
    11. Rome
      Hi Denny!

      Sorry to say we have not met up yet, but I hope to someday soon. I am about 45 minutes from Frisco, TX. That would be nice to hookup during your stay in this area.

      Let's keep in touch & see what happens. I am not sure if I am going home for the holiday as of yet.

      Don aka Rome
    12. onepixel
      Hey Denny! Congratulations on your PLC-590! You gots to show it off!

    13. Balifly
      No not yet.

      I have not seen any report from the forum either.

      It would also good as a devise to level the tone arm if it did not VTA adjustment.

      Next on my long list of..........



    14. Lux Man
      Lux Man
      Denny did you get the Pioneer A-27?
    15. jaymanaa
      What were the tubes Denny, I'm always on the lookout for iron.
    16. ripblade
      Hi DennyDog, I think he gave up on the copper rings because of a high failure rate on the nickel anodizing. Mine is copper and highly tarnished now, but not too many people find that attractive.

      I think the choice of weight is independant of the ring, but in my experience if weight is a factor then a spindle clamp is better. Actually, the Superweight is the only one of his weights that I prefered over the clamp I had been using. The reason I think has less to do with mass and more to do with the internal damping and polycarbonate shoe, both of which contribute to wide dynamics, neutral colouration and a clear open stage. I don't know of any clamps that are internally damped, but the Clearaudio Twister is solid Delrin and a good performer for the money.

      Hope this helps. Happy listening.

    17. Big Tuna
      Big Tuna
      Denny, that DVL-91 is a cream puff. It is a great machine. I like the picture quality of it on my Samsung 16X9 CRT. Thank you for finding the manual to it. I really appreciate it, and your packing job was superb! Thanks!
    18. NumbDiver
      Denny, I did see the Focus SE. I actually contacted the factory to see how much a trade-up is. I'm guessing under $2k, but we'll see. The SE gets better caps, which I can do myself, but also the cabs are more rigid and no right angles. If I end up loving these speakers in general, it may be worth the upgrade. Still missing the IRS right now though...
    19. Suzuki
      Thank you. Yes, I will.
    20. MyComa13
      Sorry I just saw this. Been moving for the last week...

      I've been following your thread on the PL-61. It's really looking nice. I just finished up putting new veneer on a PL-71 (the old finish was pretty rough when I got it). Next up is re-wiring the tonearm and a recap.

      Have you had a chance to listen to the PA-1000 yet? I'm interested to hear what cart you're going to put on it. I've had a heck of a time finding a solid match for it. Not because it's a bad arm, but because it's more "medium" to "light-medium" eff. mass, and it won't handle a heavy cart. I ran a Stanton 881S on it when I first got it and it was a nice sounding combination. Then I really started playing around with Denon carts, hence putting a DL-103 on it. It sounds pretty good, but I've heard the Denon sound better on a heavier arm. Good news, though...I got my DL-103D back from Soundsmith last week. Haven't had a chance to mount it yet, but I'm thinking this may be a great cart on the PA-1000.
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    metal fabrication


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