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Oct 9, 2006
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Dec 17, 1982 (Age: 35)
Manassas, VA

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I fix stuff., 35, from Manassas, VA

Nope. Mar 26, 2016

    1. hjames
      OMG - we missed your birthday! Just thinkin' of you yesterday, wondering how you are doing!
      Hope all is well - be safe and warm!
    2. dewdude
    3. Jerryfan
      What's up man? I see you use dcm tf speakers. I see your name is dew dude, are you a deadhead? I listen to ALOT of grateful dead, I have 2200 shows in flacs. I was just wondering if you can get me excited about trying to find a pair. Right now I use a mcintosh 4100 with crites modded klipsch kg4s and a very nice yulong dac. I find it can sound harsh with my eArly recordings. Thanks for any input.
    4. jameswei
      I got a few projects here. Beomaster 8000 that goes into protection mode. Marantz 2385 with one lower volume and scratch sound (probably dirty pots) Pioneer SX-3900 missing two slider control (wonder if I can put on some from other gears) Pioneer SX-1080 that light bulbs won't come on even after I put in new ones. Pioneer SX-550 with flicker problem. sansui 3000 that has DC hum, the list goes on and on. man I need help!
    5. jameswei
      This is James, Carl told me that you are a jobless bum, but pretty good with repairs. I happens to have a lot of stuff needing repair, so maybe you can come hang out my place and I will feed you and put gas in your car. What do you think?
    6. mcspaint
      hey i found a pair of dcm 500s after u told me about your 400s ! they sound pretty good but now I wannna hear the 600s lol
    7. BobHelms
      dewdude, If you can drop me a line. Want to to get your opinion on M-Audio Transit alternative. Thanks. Bob Helms
    8. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Dew!
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    Dec 17, 1982 (Age: 35)
    Manassas, VA


    SMSL M8 DAC -> Little Bear P5 (soviet tubes) -> Sansui SE-8 -> Yaqin MS-12B -> POWER AMPS CURRENTLY MISSING -> Ohm Model L