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AK Subscriber, from SouthEast Michigan


Hi, Please email me at dwojo69@msn.com regarding the STR-6045, thanks, Dave. Feb 3, 2016

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Mar 13, 2019 at 7:19 PM
    1. 1JGP1
      Hi dgwojo,

      Struggling to find the right bulb (14.5V 80mA) clear bulb with wire ends...
      It's for a Yamaha T1 Tuner. I've heard from a few members you know the bulb.
      The other one that I am pulling my hair out on is a meter bulb for a Kenwood 600T tuner.
      It's a 8v 300mA bulb. It's not a screw in type or bayonet style - although it has a metal base/ two leads & a rubber base that slides over it.
    2. Guytar
      Hi dgwojo
      I'm trying to find a replacement bulb for the stereo light of my Sony str 6120. The sm does not show wattage/amp.
      Do you know what would fit?
      I think it might be 4.5v 40ma. As other sonys but don't want to risk...
    3. Kenny Bond
      Kenny Bond
      Do you still have the EV Interface C’s? (At least I thought I read that you did). I just recently bought a pair and can’t seem to find much information.
    4. Perkinsman
      Hi, do you have the correct lamp replacement set for 2 Pioneer rt707 units?
    5. jackson
      Hi- I am looking for the screw in 8 volt .15 amp bulb fo my Sansui 2000 and it seems that you may be the guy that has one. I would appreciate it if you had one to sell- Thanks- Jackson
    6. kenwoodlvr
      i found your email address ill be contacting you there.....
    7. kenwoodlvr
      do you still have bulbs? I need 2 x e10 8v .15a /150ma for ka9100....
      i was using aftermarket blue leds and now i have flickering. Im assuming one went bad and they are wired in series so it affects both. Do you have those bulb condoms in a light blue for that size bulb? if you have them.
    8. Valrak66
      Hi dgwojo :) Do you know what kind of stereo lamp I need for a Marantz 2226BL ? It looks like 8V is the deal but there is different mA current. Is it dangerous if I go 8V60mA for example ? Thanks :)
    9. tomknow
      Looking for a power switch and button cap for a Marantz 2215 (no B). Thx, also sent you an email.
    10. Krmccart
      Hi Dave, saw post that you have lamps for Yamaha A-760, 14.5v, 80ma? Is this true? Can I buy three from you?

    11. Dferrante
      Looking for source indicator lamps for a KR 8010
      Any help would be great
    12. Crummwoody
      Looking for lamps once more:14 V, 80 mA, 4mm diameter incandescent lamps with leads. For Hitachi HMA 7500 power amp meters, they are white, and wired in series and placed behind green colored boots.

      Would certainly consider LED equivalents if sufficiently bright.

    13. Imme1956

      Trying to locate replacement dial lights (bulbs) for Pioneer sx-650...Mark
    14. Jackinnaboxx
      Dave I just wanted to stop in and thank you again for the help with my Kenwood LED upgrade you sent last week, it looks fantastic! You rock!
    15. mike d
      mike d
      Hello Dave! I was wondering if you could help me out with info on bulbs for Akai-AM-2800 integrated amp? Thanks ...Mike
    16. swend
      Swend-----Hi Dave, been trying to reach you, I need some serious bulb help. Sansui TU-517, may as well go LED while I'm at it.
    17. Jeebus86
      Hi Dave, I'm looking to replace the bulbs in the VU-meters of my Pioneer SA-606. So 2 bulbs, +- 24 mm long and 4mm across Thanks
    18. starcopy
      Hi, Dave. Picked up a Scott RS250 stereo receiver -- 1989 vintage I believe. Would like to relamp the unit. It's my understanding that it has some pretty cool "power level indicators" on the front panel (which are not visible at this time). I've removed the top of the case, but not the front panel yet. Does a lamp kit exist ? Greetings from Cleveland. I have the schematic BTW.
    19. DiyMCrafter
      Hi i have a sansui a-1100p and im looking to replace the display bulbs to leds since they dont work anymore. The voltage is 16v i will need white ,blue, and red for this project. I will also need them for the reverb equalizer too.
    20. jordevo42
      need the replacement set for a DENON POA1500,
      (6) meter bulbs PL5/6/7/8/9/10), 28V/40mA, need to be replaced with 28V/60MA.
      (2) resistors (R101/R102), 15K, need to be replaced with 4.7K.
      (2) transistors (TR35/TR36), 2SC1815, need to be replaced with 2SC2655
      plus the bulb for behind the DENON logo
      also give me the option of matching the meter bulbs to the sort of white light that is displayed as the denon logo?
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