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May 1, 1974 (Age: 44)

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The Healer, 44, from MI

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    1. shelby1420
      Hey there, you still alive?? Abducted by aliens?? Drop me a line when u have a few.............

    2. rpeter46
      saw in a thread that you were getting rotator cuff surgery. Very sorry to hear about that. Who is your surgeon? I recently (April 15) had a SLAP repair, bicep tendon repair, and arthiritic material removed on my right shoulder. The surgeon who did it was my 4TH opinion. I'm curious who you've selected. Hope it all goes well-let me know if you need anything.
    3. Ashfan
      Jeez, I'm sorry. The comments I referred to in my earlier message are in the "pet peeve" thread.
    4. Ashfan
      I notice that you are the moderator of the general off-topic forums. I would appreciate it if you would advise Wingzam that his continued swipes at liberals (whiny little girls) is not allowed. More to the point, his continued references to the "vast socialist conspiracy" in America should not be allowed, because to respond to him will inevitably devolve into a prohibited political debate. I have resisted the urge to demand that he produce some evidence of his beliefs, knowing the reaction it will cause (all you need to do is look at what happened when he and I got into it on obeying traffic laws, in which a general warning to cool it was sent out). If, however, you feel that his comments are acceptable, let me know and I will start demanding he support his comments.
    5. Copa1934
    6. brad6285
      Ive been trying to get ernie to fixx my account. I payed for my subscriber membership on sat and still cant access the restricted areas on the forum. Thanx brad
    7. Copa1934
    8. 30hz MAGIC
      30hz MAGIC
      I have a thread in speakers made by me that need to be put in the general audio forum.
      Really sorry, I just wasn't playing attention.
    9. dhanson64
      Hi the thread my quest for dlk 4's is in the wrong forum. It's in gen disc. It belong in the Speakers forum so people can find an see a very rare example of excellents in speaker design. Can you or are u able to move the thread to the speaker forum ? Thanks
    10. dhanson64
      hi just wondering if you could help me out on this,how do i add the picture of my dlk 4 speakers that I have in my albums section into my post about the dlk 4's? if you could do that for me that would be great or just add it under my name or sig. when i post. thanks I'm a little computer challenged
    11. qemaster
      10-4. I almost did that to a pair of Pioneers. The tweeters went down the tubes in less than a year.
    12. qemaster
      I gots to know, what kind of speakers are burning in your avatar? If they're BIC's, I can dig it.
    13. davidgf
      Sorry, I am new. Is it me or does search simply not work? Go to the speaker forum and search for Kef or JBL and you always get no results returned .....
    14. hntjr
      I would like some advice from an AK member. I am going to sell my vintage car stereo system that has been sitting in boxes for 25+ years. I'm going to sell my Alpine 7307 and 3002 amp as one auction on eBay; these EPI LS-70 along with 2 pairs of EPI LS-35 and the EPI LS Level Control System (attenuator) as a second auction and the EPI LS-81 as a third auction. I'm not sure if it's OK with AK, but I would like to make a post/thread to let AK members know when I am listing these items on eBay. Is that OK with AK and how would you post/ thread it; what category would you post/thread it in to get to the members that might be interested?
    15. tybrad
      The title of my "V ger 16 minutes, 38 seconds" is bothering me, and wrong. I made a correction in a post, but could you or Urizen change the title word "minutes" to hours, and "seconds" to minutes?

    16. stignasty
      About the Ohm E tweeters - do you have a cost for the shipping? Paypal?
    17. ess amt
      ess amt
      just curious why my post to speakers was moved to $ & sense
    18. JimPA
      You should put some of your DIY speakers in a album Super Dave.
    19. Yemm66
      new here. how do i post a message to general audience?
    20. tommarantz
      Love your flaming speaker avatar!
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    May 1, 1974 (Age: 44)
    DIYer, collector, general electronic geek

    Basketball, Golf, Football, Speakers, Amps, Car collecting restoration, home renovation


    "Digital is a swiftly moving stream, purling sweetly. But analog is a cataract bounding cacophonically off boulders and precipices, smashing into logs, and spraying drops and puddles everywhere."