Don Bocadill
Oct 22, 2012
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Don Bocadill

Obsessed, who me???!!


... Jul 6, 2018

    1. Don Bocadill
    2. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Stay calm and carry on
    3. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Hodl your bitcoin!!
    4. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Hi drhoooon :-)
    5. quartersaw
      Don, If you don't mind my asking, what did you pay for the Mc452?
      I'm interested in knowing what they are bringing on the open market.
      I was after one on 'The Bay' last year, but the seller wanted too much vs. my budget ($6K vs. $5K)
      Maybe my budget is not quite up to snuff.... :-)
      1. Don Bocadill
        Don Bocadill
        Got mine for $5200 cash. Lowest I've seen was $5k back in Jan but had to pass as I'd just bought an mc275 which I've now sold
        Sep 14, 2017
      2. quartersaw
        Thanks for the info, Don! I'm still enjoying the 'Twins' (2 Mc2300's) but I am looking to take the next leap sometime down the road. :-)
        Sep 14, 2017
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    6. JBLPRO43
      Dear Don Bocadill!
      I read in

      You were using Krylon Matte black puff paint renovation.
      You were used in exactly the same?

      If not, please link to your me exactly which one you used in dyeing.
      I 4311WX should offer a long-term fújhatós paint.
      Cheap inflatable paints are not durable, unfortunately, are not.
      Did you use a primer before painting?
      Excuse me, I speak little bit English.
      I look forward to your response!
      Thank you very much!
      Welcome. Tamás"
    7. cries55
      hey don-I have a really nice mac 1700 for sale. Pics in BT. interested? thanks chuck
    8. jimimac
      Don Why did you move to U.S.A ? Just wondering? Jim.
    9. Bobgc3
      I think i noticed this screen name and the "London, Amsterdam, Columbus" and thought, I bet that's Paul!
    10. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Excuse the spelling :-) bottle and a half of quality wine down the hatch!
    11. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      THanks mate! Luckily after chattng to the mrs. Tonight we decided not to sell the AR3a's and keep them in the family :-) so I will now emabark on a full restoration of s/n 00020 & 00083! Very exciting!!! I really dindnt want to and didnt have to sell them do alls well that ends well! :-)
    12. kevzep
      Hi Paul,
      Shipping to Melbourne will be expensive for the buyer due to the cubic, the shipping companies have a formula they work it out with, anyway....
      You dont have to worry about the customs and other import duties, the seller has to do that....
      The only thing you will have to do is supply an invoice stating the transaction and the goods sold, and they are second hand, I'm not sure about Australia, they may have different laws than we do, but anything we import here with a value over $400 dollars is subject to out Good and Services Tax which is 15%, even if it is second hand.
      Most sellers on ebay who do international shipping state that all importation costs and import duties are the responsibility of the buyer, I think that is a good way to clearly state the terms...
      Shippers, anyone really, at the end of the day if the gear is packaged properly it desnt really matter who you use, maybe the buyer has a preference, or you could shop around and get quotes
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