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Nov 18, 2018 at 10:10 PM
Mar 2, 2005
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Aug 28, 1960 (Age: 58)
Twin Cities, MN

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Registered Audio Abuser, Male, 58, from Twin Cities, MN

doucanoe was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Nov 18, 2018 at 10:10 PM
    1. AndyB
      Thought I'd say Hi! Haven't talked in while. Hope things are well.
      1. doucanoe
        How's things Andy! Everything is going fine over here. I haven't been hanging out here much but have been poking my head in more frequently lately. I guess it's that time of year again! Hope everything is going well with you guys also.
        Nov 5, 2017
    2. billinkansas
      Hey Ron.

      I bought your Knight 15’s 3 years ago. My Fisher 500C blew a JJ output tube and that may have done some damage. One of them has a crossover issue with very low output to the T35. Bypassed the pot-no change. Put on an 8K hz test tone straight to the T35 and it goes to full volume.

      Any ideas where to start with this? I am not a real solder head as far as caps etc. are concerned.

      Bill in KS
    3. doucanoe
      And thanks!
    4. doucanoe
      Hey Bryce! All is well over this way. Just the busy season for me so I've been working a lot. Sounds like the move went well.
    5. byoungman1
      Happy effin' birthday! Haven't heard from you in a while...hope all is well!
    6. doucanoe
      Well, looks like that didn't work. Might have something to do with the fact that I let my subscription lapse ;)
    7. doucanoe
      Hey Mike! I cleared out my out box so I should be able to get PM's again. It's getting late so I'll send along my email
    8. M Jarve
      M Jarve
      Hey, Ron: You're PM's are full and I'm trying to get back to you about something. Give me a ring, or PM- me your email!

    9. jhaan92
      Ron, pics are up on the thread. You should go and check out all of Dad's (and mine) hard work. Too bad the drivers haven't come back from Ohm yet, but the pics are impressive nonetheless. I think that you will like Dad's skills on the point-to-point wiring!
    10. doucanoe
      Hey Jason, How ya been?
      I'll take a look.
    11. jhaan92
      Hey Ron, do you think that you can take a look at my Ohm Walsh 2 Recap thread in the Speaker forum and see what you think about a color coded (possibly) capacitor in the crossover? I've been having a hard time nailing down what it is used for exactly and what I should replace it with.

    12. doucanoe
      Hey Denny, Thanks. I worked most of it but have tomorrow off and this upcoming weekend. I think Kate and I are going to be headed up to the lake for the weekend so that will be a nice break.
      I still need to hook up with Lance to grab the fretboard you cut and shaped for me. and he is going to grab the framed Festus LP for the Hilton ;) I let you know how it works out.

      Thanks again,
    13. DENNYDOG
      Ron, Hope you had a nice Birthday and holiday weekend!

    14. jamset
      Thats what i thought so. My speakers being 102db might have too much hum with the A318. I don’t know if the small A205A might deliver good bass though.

      Thanks man.
    15. doucanoe
      Hi Jairo,
      Wow, that was some time ago when I owned the Iconics. I never got a chance to try a Almarro amp with those speakers but have heard a few 205's driving similar speakers including the Altec Model 19. I have also heard the 318 on many occasions and although it's a fabulous amp, might not be be the greatest match for a pair of Iconic's or Valencias I have owned. The 318 (particularly the "A" version) was and is better suited to speakers with sensitivity ratings in the upper 80's or low 90's. Even Allmarro has made claims to that effect. A fellow AK's and personal friend of mine ran a pair of Heathkit A101's with a 318 for some time. I thought they sounded very nice together but gain was very rapid. Both are nice amps but I think I would look to the 205 personally.
    16. jamset
      Hello duocanoe

      I was wondering if you finally got the almarro amp for your altec iconics? The reason I’m asking is because I’m in a similar situation as you were when you posted about which almarro would match best for your 100db sensitive speakers.

    17. jhaan92
      I might be picking up a new table from a fellow AK'er down in Florida, a PL-L1000! Thought you might find that interesting as Dad has probably filled your ear about how awesome it it! :D
    18. doucanoe
      Hey, Jason. I have quite a bit! Thanks again.
    19. jhaan92
      Have you been enjoying those CD's that I made?
    20. doucanoe
      He is indeed!
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    Aug 28, 1960 (Age: 58)
    Twin Cities, MN


    "Works perfect asking 250 but Wilson best offer"