May 30, 2010
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    1. rg65
      Thanks for the suggestion. I will post on the Fisher page.
    2. Grateful Dad
      Grateful Dad
      Hey Now Dswankey
      Love your Alembic photo! I just harvested the innards of a 1947 Magnavox Cosmopoltan. Because I am not an avid user of AK like yourself (Although I am a very serious bout my Dead), could you perhaps make a recommendation for where to start on research or forums on such an animal.
      Thank you
    3. MudSlideSlim
      Did you ever sell your JVC UA-7045?
      I's be interested if you still have it.

    4. Bob Price
      Bob Price
      Before you flush someone from your forums, you might want to clarify what was going on. I find that very insulting. tubes not for sale, taking them to Cary Audio for a review. And wanted to discuss design changes if anyone was interested.
    5. wharf rat
      wharf rat
      I have the rap somewhere. Will look for it. Let me know if you still need it.
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