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Dec 5, 2018 at 12:25 PM
Aug 1, 2005
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September 18
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Roseville, CA

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Spin The Black Circle, Male, from Roseville, CA

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Dec 5, 2018 at 12:25 PM
    1. jccoopr
      Hey Duffinator, I saw your post about those Ultralinear speakers 275A, did you end up finding any info about them or end up re-foaming them? I happen to have the same set, also with bad foam and was wondering what to do ? thanks
    2. Duffinator
      Graham, you saw some great bands! On the 18th when you posted this I went to see Heart. I had relatively low expectations but they rocked. For their encore they played The Immigrant Song, No Quarter and Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin. My wife said they played the Zep songs for my birthday!
    3. grahamp
      I saw them in 1979 at the New York Palladium. (2500 miles away, right?)
      Standing on the seats the whole time. Row X I think. Opened with "I'm so board with the USA". Give em enough rope tour.
      I was 16. I saw some awesome shows, permissive parents. CBGBs, Mud Club.
      Ramons, Gang of Four, Cramps, Slits, Talking Heads, Patty Smith, Per Ubu, then, DKs, Minor Threat, Later Dinosaur JR.
      Surprised to see rockers on an audophile site... but I guess I am here too!
      Rocking again after over a decade on tiny crapy speakers!
      I am feeling it again... like new life... don't know what took me so long!
    4. Duffinator
      I was there too, still have the ticket stub. The late 70's and early 80's were a great period for live music in L.A. I used to go to Madame Wong's and the Starwood a lot plus a bunch of other club's. The wildest concert I ever went to at the Palladium was the Dead Kennedy's + TSOL + 45 Grave. I also saw U2 there during their War tour.
    5. kcac
      Wow - was doin some search on AK and swa your avatar. Hey I was at that Clash concert in the Palladium. I recall getting really drunk and spilling my guts on the rear corner. Ah those were the times when Palladium had great new wave concerts in LA.
    6. Duffinator
      bhebbel, While it's not a myth it has more effect on some speakers than others. One speaker that I'm familiar with that it does make a difference is Wharfedale W70D's. These speakers have large cloth surrounds and if you can hear the VC rub then you rotate them 180 and that usually solved the problem. I'm clearly no expert on speakers but if you are hearing any VC rub give it a try. Otherwise I'd fire them up and see how they sound. The VC's on ADS in general and yours in particular (from what I've read) are very solid and I doubt it will make a difference. For more specific information contact AK member soundmotor. He worked at ADS and is much more knowledgeable than me. Good luck and post pictures of those bad boys in one of the ADS threads when you get them out.
    7. bhebbel
      I purchased a pair of ADS 1590's (new) in the 80's. I still have the original bill of sale. The speakers are just short of "mint". I am just getting the speakers out of storage after a three year haitus. I remember reading in a forum that it is a good idea to rotate the drivers 180 degrees every year or so because of the effects of gravity on the drivers. If this an "urban myth" or is there any validity to this?
    8. Duffinator
      You will need a sub with just about any reasonably sized speaker to go that low. While I have not heard the Axiom's or the 1590's I think in general smaller woofers will provide tighter bass but not go as low. My experience with the five pairs of ADS I've owned is they have good tight bass for their price range. I like bigger woofers for more realistic bass, check the photos of my system. Click on the photo and then again and you'll see a link to the build of my speakers.

      While many people use ADS and Bruan in the same sentance they are not the same. Do you mean ADS L1590's? Are they L1590 II's? If so that price is a touch on the high side when you add in shipping. For more detailed ADS questions drop a PM to AK member soundmotor. He worked at ADS and will be better able to answer your question. Good luck!
    9. reformed202

      I have the opportunity to buy a pair of ADS 1590 Braun speakers in very good condition for $1,100 plus $400 shipping. I have also been looking at a brand new pair of Axiom M80's for $1,100 plus free shipping. I have been torn over whether to go the vintage route or with the new speakers.

      An Axiom rep explained that the 10'' woofers on the ADS and other older speakers had a "Doppler Effect" instead of a straight excursion. I'm assuming this meant that the ADS didn't have as tight a bass response as the newer speakers which utilize smaller woofers. He also said that the new technology of the Axiom's supersedes that of the older technology of the ADS.

      I am also a lover of pipe organ music, which (as I'm sure you know) involves some very low bass (16-17 herz range). The fellow at Axiom told me that I would need to get a powerful subwoofer to reproduce these frequencies (he recommended the Axiom EP 500).
      Any help would be appreciated!
    10. Duffinator
      I sent you the ones I have. Which cabinet do you have?
    11. vdotman
      I just picked up a Fisher Custom Electra Console in great shape. Please send me pictures of yours so I can compare them.
    12. DocumentRoom
      High this is the first time ive jumped in I just got with a new pair of magico minis there cool
    13. Duffinator
      It's going well but I rarely check this message board. Is there a way to receive updates when someone posts here?
    14. onepixel
      Hey Buddy, how are things going? Carl
    15. Duffinator
      No you will be fine. Just don't clip the amp. If you clip a 10 watt you can still damage your speakers.
    16. wsissons
      can I match a 9090db with yamaha 690s? is there a danger of blowing my yammies?
    17. wsissons
      Hey Duff can I ask you a question
    18. Duffinator
      Hey B, I don't look at this often. Looks like we are set for your ZilchLab visit on Nov. 1st.
    19. BHamm
    20. mulester7
      .....just figured out how to do this friends thing, Rick.....
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